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7/12/2012 c3 anon

2/17/2008 c3 Beatless-Heart
haha that was so funny! I can imagine how angry that would make Edward! lol great idea! XD i think the team bella vs team edward name would be a cool idea and wouldnt be confusing! later in the story you could do something like make edward almost break the rule where they arent allowed on each others base by getting rosalie and alice to think that bella was hurt so edward rushes off to save her and emmett stops him or something! lol i think its gonna be a great story!
3/25/2007 c1 6endegame
omg lol tht was so friggin funny
2/26/2007 c3 1Vampiress19
hahahahahaha! i heart those rules.
2/22/2007 c3 phoebe-tweeb
So... who's on which team?
2/21/2007 c3 3Dazzled by toppaz
I really like the story, but i think "team bella" and "team edward" sounds kind of weird (how about they make team names?) but it is u r story so go ahead plan it!
2/21/2007 c3 lizziemcclure
I love the name and I also love the whole game idea! As long as you keep updating pretty fast I love you! I really like your story! UPDATE SOON!
2/21/2007 c3 842072
XD I can't wait for the game to begin
2/21/2007 c3 2teehee37
I love it.
2/20/2007 c1 1demonwoman
I like Counting Sheep and this exactly the same. :D I've added this to my favorites and story alert. God, you have to write a book and publish it. You're an awesome humor writer! :D
2/19/2007 c2 2teehee37
HAHAHAHA I was laughing so hard when i read this. I love it! its amazing
2/19/2007 c2 1Vampiress19
HAHAHA! You had me rolling on the floor attempting to breathe. Very funny. Work with it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SRRY! Had a very funny day.
2/19/2007 c2 842072
XD mwahahahahaha! I'm in Bella's team lol
2/19/2007 c2 roxursox7
that was hilarious w/the taco and the "gel"
2/19/2007 c2 lizziemcclure
i can't wait to read more! i am so happy you decided to make it longer! UPDATE SOON!
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