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6/25/2019 c1 idiotbx3
love it, and she is
1/22/2016 c1 Guest
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa so cute 3
2/18/2015 c1 4MayR9
AW! 3 I love all the cute fluff! :D Great job! And I think Meryl would fit perfectly in Vash's lap too!
3/14/2013 c1 Me
Cute, I actually had wondered before if he even had to load her that coat. It would be funny to see her in it.
9/16/2012 c1 7Kaylessa
So gosh-dang adorable! Vash, my all-time favorite character EVER, and the woman absolutely perfect for him. This was so cute, I love it! Job well done!
12/15/2008 c1 1Knives17
i likey
10/10/2007 c1 35youkai chick supreme
ah! love it, love it, love it! very cute towards the end. perfect little feel good fic. just what i wanted to read.

ps. OMG! sorry for the super delay on "run" (wow, long time since i updated that thing)... things have been... bad. but yea, i'm writing the newest chapter right now! so hopefully i'll have it up soon. no promises.
9/14/2007 c1 31Celesma
- Vash had the strangest urge to lightly touch his finger to her nose and make the funny sound like Rem used to do to him. -

Oh man, I'm totally fangirling this story (and that moment in particular). :D Very, very, *very* cute!

6/10/2007 c1 5snwbnny
So cute! ^^

Very well written. I enjoyed reading it. =]
4/27/2007 c1 Thalia013
That was so CUTE! I loved it. You really seemed to nail the softer side of Vash and I adored Meryl's attitude throughout. Thanks for making me smile.
4/13/2007 c1 Pyromoogle
It was so sweet!

I applaud your fluffiness!

Oh, I am very sorry for not reviewing in such a long time. I hope you can forgive me just a little.
4/8/2007 c1 PockyMunchingGod
Oh that was so cute! Spending fuel money on donuts sounds like something Vash would do xD.

Very sweet fluff, but not overly so.

Nice job :D
4/8/2007 c1 2Icarus Redux
God. They're so cute. I'm a huge Meryl/Vash shipper, so this definately brightened up my day.
4/1/2007 c1 une valentine

Wow. I love you!
3/31/2007 c1 174Shadsie
Very cute! This was a believable scenario, wonderfully written, and nicely understated. I like your descriptions "feather soft" for Meryl's breath, the description of the violet light of the three moons over the desert.
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