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10/26/2008 c1 hahahehenot logged in
'He would run, and she would follow to the ends of the earth and beyond.

She would hide, and he would wait for her for a thousand lifetimes.'

is that uhara and yoruiwichi (spellings bad sorry) cause when he gets exiled from the soul society she leaves to
7/23/2007 c1 9angelic lily
omg this is very well written. i like the POV. but im a little confused on which couple is which (^^')

but its still good!
3/1/2007 c1 24Aurorawhisperwind
omg, that took my breath away. amazing.
2/19/2007 c1 8aznjtgirl
hmm so umm...i liked it, but im confused to as who they are. yeah maybe its just cuz its late at night for me, but whatev. it was good ahhaha i like this kind of stuff.
2/17/2007 c1 23AnGeLiCaNiMeKiTtY
okay orange and black- ichigo and rukia, pink cloak and hitting- nanao and shunsui... the bit with following the ends of the earth and wait for a thousand life time... is this ichigo and rukia too? the hover in the shadows and shaded eyes hm... no idea does this include kisuke? the lil sis is definitely Karen and old dude is Sado-kun...the snow guy is hitsugaya the girl is it hina or matsumoto? the other bits i really don't know who... but the one with a girl would mostlikely be Yachiru and Kenpachi... .. it's a very well written piece but can you tell me who those other couples you were describing that I missed...
2/17/2007 c1 5WannabeFireFox
wow that was god, but i dont get some of the parts, but im gonna assume that different parts mean different couples huh?

But i congrats, thats really awesome =D

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