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for Dreaming of Akina

9/2/2021 c22 Pacifico
3/29/2021 c86 1Immortal Bubblewrap
I'm not so good at giving grand, large reviews but I do feel that your story deserves one! I really enjoyed reading this and I'm amazed at the length and intricacies of the story. You really did your research! Really great job.
Thanks for sharing it with us!
2/3/2021 c86 3Captain JN
Even 12 years later this still holds up really well. Honestly this is so well done it's practically a prequel you'd expect from the anime/manga. What a great story!
10/16/2019 c1 9Grunt8999
This was honestly such a well written piece of fiction, and everything flowed so well. This truly did seem like Bunta’s backstory and I love how you kept everything consistent, and the amount of details and research you’ve done. Everything was placed to before initial d, and dang I’m both happy and sad. Overall, I’m glad for reading this and you putting the time and effort in writing it. It’s still holding up at 2019.
9/19/2019 c86 palepurple
I seriously cried at the last few chapters.. in one sweep of events, you pushed all the characters right where initial d can start. no other family for takumi and bunta, only one car in the fujiwara family. the itachi are no longer a problem. and bunta decided to chain smoke. you even setup kogashiwa kai and iwase kyoko. good writing. love it. looking forward to reading your other stories.
have a cookie :D
9/18/2019 c44 palepurple
I fg hate midori!
8/7/2019 c86 Guest
Awesome! I can really see this as Bunta's backstory.
2/11/2018 c1 DesertBrat
I’ve read this 4 times and every time I fall more in love with it
1/22/2018 c1 I deleted my acc
Letting you know, even in 2018, your magnificent work has stood the test of time. Reading and loving it. Nostalgia as much as the story still brings tears too my eyes... Thank you for such a wonderful addition to the Initial D fandom...
Thank you.
12/15/2017 c79 jumper149
Awesome chapter giving the chills
9/8/2017 c86 FourMurasame
This is head canon in my eyes. I will never ever see this particular story in any other way besides what you portrayed truly happened in the life of Bunta before Initial D started, as I know no one will ever come as close to you when it comes to the story's attention to detail and keeping continuity with the series as well as the real world events that took place during the story's timeline. All of the old and new characters felt genuine, and everyone felt as they should be. Drama was never over the top and made me feel quite a bit towards the character without being overly mushy. The racing was written in splendid detail which I very much appreciated, as well as the car choices being used during that era. I kept reading and reading and couldn't stop; you have a magnificent way of drawing the reader in by keeping the plot fresh and never dragging one thing out any longer than necessary.

Thank you so much for the fine piece of literature. I started reading this years back and never finished it. Recently re-watching Initial D for the first time in a long time made me remember this story, and having time these days compared to back when I first found this fanfic, I decided to spend the better part of this whole week reading it start to finish, and was never more glad I did. Keep it up Sanae, I am going to have to read some more of your fics and I am sure I will not be disappointed!

9/8/2017 c82 FourMurasame
I knew it was coming, something had to happen, and I thought I would be prepared for it, but I wasn't, not at all, I can't stop tearing up, it's so damn cruel.
7/21/2017 c1 jianyi
did you...did you write 86 chapters on purpose you genius
7/17/2017 c86 orell12
I really loved it thank you for your hard work on writing this
6/17/2017 c1 2jdnamikaze
chapter 81 is like the eclipse from berserk, far out, all at once huh? amazing work, initial d has been a big part of my life and this puts a lot of the pieces together. thank you
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