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2/29/2008 c5 5Amei-chan
Haku's alive? And don't feel bad about not updating ^^ It happens to us all, except for some weird people who have free-time... Not saying that I wouldn't like an update though. Heh...
2/29/2008 c4 Amei-chan
Oh, so they still live... Well, I must know the answers to your rhetorical questions. And there's only two ways I know of, and only one of them is legal. To the next chapter...
2/29/2008 c3 Amei-chan
Oh, cool! So, Orochimaru's dead. Ah well. Well, I can't wait to see Johnny Blaze and Naruto, two ghost riders, together in action!
2/29/2008 c2 Amei-chan
Freaky dream... What the heck is going to happen? Well, there's only one way to find out, so I shall continue reading...
2/29/2008 c1 Amei-chan
Awesome idea... I've only seen one other Ghost Rider/ Naruto crossover ever (though, I'm not sure if that one was written later) and it was done very badly... I'm glad to see that someone has righted this wrong. Heh
10/9/2007 c5 2Elemeffayoh
who is the kid?
10/9/2007 c4 Elemeffayoh
bastard so what about johnny he helping naruto out?
10/9/2007 c3 Elemeffayoh
so its like ghost rider naruto version?
10/9/2007 c2 Elemeffayoh
woah he did that?
10/9/2007 c1 Elemeffayoh
how the fuck man
9/17/2007 c1 Cerberusx
nice but when Mephistopheles but his finger to naruto's head he took all his emotins ema like live, happyness and stuff like in the newer ghost rider movie?
8/27/2007 c5 13GenericSpider
Who is the boy? How can Johnny and Naruto exist in the same world? What the Hell is Naruto gonna ride, a giant flaming toad?
8/25/2007 c5 Matthew Blackheart
8/25/2007 c5 LeiseFlustern

I think that with Naruto's turning into his Ghost Rider form - his form (the flame part) would look like that of when Kyuubi's chakra surrounds his body when he fights Sasuke in The Valley of the End... What with Kyuubi also being a demon - Naruto's demonic powers would be somewhat influenced by him (yeah?). And for his bones - skull, hands, (tail?), etc. - would be like that of a fox's (just with a human-ish posture - kind of like a werewolf/fox? - wouldn't need to think of a Ride, lol, he'd be his own transportation. xD) or something... ((I watch too many movies.))

I don't know, I just thought that kind of sounded neat... Then again, I'm a fox/were-animal freak... O.o" ...Lol.

Looking forward to your next update!

-x LF x-
8/25/2007 c3 Emron The Dragon King
Let me guess Naruto will get the Steed & the Sythes?
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