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6/6/2007 c1 RiverDoe
Lovely story. Very well done. Nicely laid out. I particularly like the way you've listed and explained who "McDreamy" is and what he is not. It builds up wonderfully to that last line, which leaves a lasting impression on your mind.

The only slight nitpick I have is the line "but the image lingers in her mind and the name lingers on her tongue". The repetition takes away from the story.

Very nicely written.
2/25/2007 c1 54westpoints
"She writes it down on a piece of scrap paper, curling the letters with a secretive smile on her face."

Your season 1 snippet is dead-on with the rest of the season. And don't worry about the meaning of "McDreamy." So many people are using it in normal conversation (without referring to GA) that I can't even remember the actor's name, sometimes.

It's Patrick Dempsey. I remember now.
2/20/2007 c1 8bookwrangler
RS: You may not write often, (Although I see your postings are becoming more frequent! Keep it up!) but when you do it's well worth it. Great characterization. You are queen of the word picture. Each time you post, you really do add to the wealth. I liked how you ran through each name and the images it conjured up. And the angst really sang through in the last two sentences. "It is another word for illusion, everything a woman could want and nothing tangible to keep." Great line. Dead on. Thank you!
2/20/2007 c1 stuntmuppet

This was lovely. I don't know the characters very well, but this does give a bit more insight into a very familiar term. :) Also, you write Meredith's feelings, and the frustration and sadness she must be going through, beautifully. Those last two paragraphs were sublime in a very sad way.
2/19/2007 c1 1Tomorrow's Promise
Very good. Great insight.
2/19/2007 c1 1greybeatle93
lol, that's okay, you didn't ruin McDreamy for me; i think we all already knew he was most certainly not perfect. well anyway, that was really good. I think you write really well! great job! i'll be looking out for more of your stories.
2/19/2007 c1 102alygator86
That was really, really cool. I liked you used abstract and concrete things and the way you wrote it created this vision in my head. Awesome!
2/19/2007 c1 8GreyLegalmistress
Wow. Very different- I really like it. Nicely done (:

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