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for Beautiful in Death

3/30/2009 c1 Animal Mongoose
This was spooky and very well written I almost felt like I was in the bedroom with them. BRAVO!
3/29/2009 c1 11Awesomesauce123
This is an amazingly well-written story! I was engrossed in it until the very first sentence to the last period. For some reason, the last sentence really stirred up a wave of emotion inside me. So sad, yet beuatifully perfect. . .

You are an amazing author!
10/28/2008 c1 12IWannabeARockstar
Oh! This one was SO sad! I loved it though. Beautifully written! So in character!
12/14/2007 c1 1RaiderTKD
That was a powerful oneshot. It was beautifully written and it's nice to see a oneshot that focuses on one of the smaller aspects of the story and shows the ghosts in a new light, asides from being criminals and whatnot. ^^ Awesome job, keep it up. ^^

P.S. The last line was incredible!
8/12/2007 c1 3DecievedDreamer
I stopped going to this part of for a reason. Nobody ever really posted stories that were thought through, but you just wrote an awesome one-shot. It was simple, and kept me interested. You have talent, so keep up the good work.
2/28/2007 c1 kelsey
this story...my god. i've never reviewed and i don't have an account but i really had to leave one for this story. i've lurked a lot in this section and this is one of the best i've read in a long time. i've never felt so connected to a character while reading a story. you really brought dana to life for me. i thought she was dull in the movie but now i look at her differently. i dont know how you did it but god you did. even though your descriptions of kathy would get her called a mary sue in most stories you made it work because of how you made dana think. i swaer this is the only story ive read wtih descriptions like that where i didn't want to stop reading and vomit. you pulled it off. i started crying a little to. i'm not sure why but in the middle of the story i was almost sobbing. your good. you have so much talent. i bet you'll go pro one day. i dont know about anyone else but i think this was amazing. i dont think i'll ever forget this story.
2/27/2007 c1 ImAdctd2A3rdClssRkStr

*calms self...*

Well, Miss Shannon Elizabeth... I'm afriad you were just owned by The Angry Princess. I loved how you decided to write this, Athener. We were fully in Dana's head, but at the same time, you let us feel what the others characters were feeling as well.

And you say you don't have talent.


The ending was also really strong... It was haunting in a way. You almost feel bad for Katy... but even as Dana says sorry... no one hears her. That was probably one of the strongest endings I've read in a long, long time.

GO ATHENER! I'm oh, so very happy for you! I wuv you, gurlie... and I'm so happy to not only be telling you that online but in a review as well!




2/20/2007 c1 6Ophelia Hyde
Hey Athener!

First of all, *SHREIKS!* *DANCES* *SQUEES!* *JUMPS UP AND DOWN* *SCREAMS!* OMG! YOU! Posted something! I’m seriously so darn pround now. And Happy! You can’t believe how happy I am! AH!

Now that’s done, I’ll go actually review now :]

The Angry Princess and Kathy. You had your work cut out for you, but I’m so glad you pushed passed your animosity for them, and wrote this. It’s amazing, and don’t you deny it. I know you.

I loved that you had it in first person. It helped me really get inside Dana’s head , and ultimately feel everything she was feeling. It’s very affecting that way, and you pulled it off well.

You always made me actually frightened for Kathy. I’m no fan, but I was scared for her. I was also saddened by her death, but I’m undecided on whether it was her I was really saddened by or if it was my pity for Dana, a lost and misguided soul.

Oh, you got me to like her! That was a nasty trick! I’ll never forgive you!

… Just kidding!

Okay, I’m cutting it off now! Jeeze. Stop looking at me like that.

Keep it real, gangsta.


P.S. You do know my dedication is WAY too much, right? RIGHT?

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