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for When the Wall Flower Met the Heartless

11/19/2012 c5 koko
this story so good Q_Q
11/19/2012 c4 koko
really sweet I must say 3
11/19/2012 c3 koko
WOOOT! im so glad for this! my heart and my love!
1/27/2009 c5 babiesarecool
i hope the have many children...LOL...superpervy
6/15/2008 c5 8Lavender Wine
Yay! You updated! I'm ready for the next chapter. Keep up the good work! ^_^
6/13/2008 c5 you.never.know.when
XD Loved every chapter of it! ^_^ I like how you do Albel's thoughts like putting 'stupid' in his mind before he says girl and the whole I spy thing!
6/10/2008 c5 inlove
OMG you seem to do this in every chapter. which is capturing the magic of those 2. (hugs) I have 2 pics for you. I just have to upload them okies
6/5/2008 c5 renderedvoice
So cute. Tension~ XD

Loved this chapter. Looking forward to the next one!
6/1/2008 c5 2xXx Tinkies xXx
Great chapter! Can't wait for more fluffyness between Sophia & Albel! Please continue a.s.a.p.! ^_^
5/31/2008 c5 14Rogue Daffodil
Hey, I am so glad you are continuing this story! Thank you so much! AlbelxSophia forever!

~Rogue Daffodil~
5/31/2008 c5 3Rose-Dragonfire
LMAO! I love this so much! I can't wait for another chapter! I'm very happy I put this on my alerts! ^^
5/23/2008 c1 renderedvoice
Aw, this story hasn't been updated in a few months. I'm new to the Star Ocean fandom and this is one of the few Albel/Sophia fics I've read that actually has both of them in character. I was enjoying it so much. D:

Anyway, hope you keep on updating. Really want to find out what happens next. ^^
4/22/2008 c4 Rose-Dragonfire
Oh, man! I can't wait for more! Love it! ^^
3/28/2008 c4 15Riku-Aura777
I hate the pairing, yet I'm liking this story... is that weird? I mean, you keep them both in character, so that's nice, but there's something about this Sophia that doesn't have me rushing to be Back button. I also enjoy Albel in this, though, there isn't a story where I don't like him, unless he's way too OOC.

Update this soon, please. I need to know what's so appealing about it. I mean, I'm drawn to it, and I don't know why!
3/26/2008 c4 inlove

u have inspired me to draw fanart . since theres barley any.

so starting from the next chappie ill dedicate each art that I draw to u.

oh and Ican be found at under the name greenangel65

luv ur storie keep it up! (hugs)
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