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for Hate at First Sight

12/16/2011 c2 Blue-eyes Lily
Well, this is quite a refreshing read. Different to anything else I've read jet, and positively so. There are a few spelling mistakes, though I think someone has referred to these before me. The only thing that bother'S me is the narrator's perspective. IS it Elphaba telling from the 'I' perspective, or is it you personally talking. I'm rather tired right now, so maybe I missed the connection here, but I'm slightly confused. Also, about Nessarose: Is she armless here or not. When you say she tore open the package, I am guessing you don't mean with her feet. It'd be really great if you could explain. Otherwise I quite liked this and will be reading on.
9/23/2010 c2 metrokarateacademyrocks
hello! im metrokarateacademyrocks and i actually have an account. just too lazy to log in right now :)

anyways, i couldn't help but notice that you are having a few error problems.

example: waist is spelled like that instead of waste.

please dont be offended, im just trying to help.

i love the plot, mostly i like it on how you are writing it.

good job and keep on writing!
9/7/2009 c3 lizziemagic
I really hope you do decide to update. :)
9/7/2009 c2 lizziemagic
what the fudge? Frez is a but hole, and always will be.
11/22/2008 c3 2EnneWicked
please please please update sometime soon!
8/28/2008 c3 germansheperdfan
Are you going to continue with this story at all? I REALLY like it! Would love it if you would continue!
7/31/2008 c3 8JesseMac Girl the Flinda Freak
OMG I luv it so much

it's refreshing cuz even if they do learn 2 like each other, it is not the average fiyeraba

and flinda! such possibilities since at this point fiyero and elphaba hate each other!

please update!
11/17/2007 c3 1Jemma-Jo
This is so cool. Update soon
11/10/2007 c3 44Faba
... AW... You should update this... D:
11/10/2007 c2 Faba
You tend to confuse 'Your' and 'You're', m'dear, so you should look that over.

Also, if this is bookverse!Nessa, then how could she tear open the present? You mentioned earlier in the story that she was armless.

Otherwise, great chapter, Bomba.
11/10/2007 c1 Faba
"Fieryo looked at me and sneered before stalking off."- Fiyero! :D

Eep, I like this so far. *shrug* *goes to to read next chapter*
5/21/2007 c3 6bushes283
This is hilarious, poor Elphaba.
4/26/2007 c3 1Oki the Wolf
I wish that you would update this story! I loves it!
4/23/2007 c3 18RonWeasleyismiking
I love it so far! please continue soon!
4/15/2007 c3 TinkStar109
please update soon!i love it!
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