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for Many a Dream Extinguished

4/29/2009 c2 lennypep
I really like this story, I just found it and I think that you should definently continue. :o)
5/16/2008 c2 8oOKayleeOo
wonderfully done.
6/26/2007 c2 19Myosotis13
Somehow, I just read this second chapter. It's been just, oh, what, two MONTHS since you published it? :D Anyway...lovely story, though I did find it slightly confusing...I didn't quite get the Quedessa could it have been Vala's past if she was the mother? Was Adria just inserting herself into the dream to test Vala's reactions? Still, strange and confusing as it might have been, I still loved the atmosphere you created and thoroughly enjoyed the Vala/Adria interaction (which, I think, should have been more explored in the show!).

I haven't heard from you in a while-hope life's been treating you well! Hugs!

6/16/2007 c2 17your knight in tinfoil armor
You made me cry, this is so good.

Please update soon.

4/29/2007 c2 85Valieara
Oh my God. This - especially the second chapter - is fabulous, and just odd enough to make me fall completely in love with it. (Unfortunately, that oddness, compiled on top of the fact that the Vala/Adria dynamic is not a popular one in the fanfiction world, probably accounts for the few reviews, which is very sad.)

The dream sequence just blew me away - of course you -know- it's Vala and Adria, and the namelessness of the two just made me ache even more, especially as you had already written it to explore what their relationship might have been like (if Adria had been... normal.) Vala as a trader/smuggler again was the added anachronism that somehow, in making it more out of place, made the whole thing come together.

The Vala/real Adria scene that followed was of course heartbreaking, and very much in character (more so, I think, than what the show has done, if only because you've developed Adria so wonderfully.) Beautiful tie-in to the first chapter, beautiful Vala introspection, both in regard to her daughter and not.

Gorgeous, all the way around. Sorry for ranting. :-)
2/25/2007 c1 19Myosotis13
Very insightful! I think you got the dynamics between the two of them down perfectly! Definitely wish we could see something like this play on screen! Bravo!
2/25/2007 c1 31HAZMOT
You are right, the shows and stories have been lacking in dialogue between Vala and Adria. This, to my knowledge has been the most intelligent conversation between the two. Bravo!

It is without a doubt the best I've seen. You have captured without a doubt, the most intimate conversation on why Vala has tried so hard to get throught to her daughter. Great Chapter. Ingenious episode. :)

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