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for The PPC at Torchwood Three

2/3/2018 c4 Guest
Another charge, the Master being there on the Time War's Last Day.
(Although, the Master that was there could also be the one from 'End of Time').
Also, there were hints that the Doctor and Master were brothers, even an arc from the Third's classic era that was aborted due to the actor's death.
11/23/2011 c1 21Cryselephantine
Awesome, very interesting turnabout. And I admit, I like making fun of Mary Sues xD

But I was just wondering why you didn't add to her charges, the fact that she uses "Harkness" as her name while it's not even Jack's real name? And I'm not sure if I read it right but that city in the 51st century she was in, was it Cardiff? Or did the Rift miraculously move? And if so, it's too bad it wasn't included in the charges lol And she says they're American, but errr Jack wasn't born on Earth, so I dunno if I just read that wrong.

I'm pretty I'll never try to read the real thing anyway xD

But thanks for the good laugh, and if the answer to all my questions are "it wasn't known yet when the story was published" I'm sorry I asked :'D


8/3/2011 c1 10Aeidhryn
"Tasmin nodded. She wondered whether the bucket could be a metaphor for agents slowly loosing their sanity."

Should probably be:

"Tasmin nodded. She wondered whether the bucket could be a metaphor for agents slowly losing their sanity."

Minor typo thingummy, good work.
8/14/2010 c14 25KsandraMallan
*is giggling hysterically at "Captain Jack Hardness"*

Freudian slip much?

I really enjoy this fic, it's very well written and well-handled from a PPC point of view (venom restrained). The metaphor of removing LoTR Sues from canon being like trying to put out a burning house with a bucket with a hole in the bottom... oh so true _

Great job, agents, and looking forward to more Sue death! :)
1/30/2010 c2 Reta at the Associating NITRO
Two things:

Ballon animals out of condoms? Strange.

I can do the breakup text message shorter than that. "Liked shagging coworker." See? That is short.
1/7/2010 c14 33trecebo
I love mini-s, but only in your fiction. In a story? Nope, not so much. And poor Jack. He's like Murdock: aware of the plot whirling around him. Ack.

Great fun, especially the first part. I couldn't blame Emma at all.
9/15/2009 c13 trecebo
You made my morning with this. Great laughs, and I think I actually read this fic...or tried to. Gah!

Gwen shrinking had me cracked up, and the whole tank thing? Brilliant!
8/10/2009 c12 UnusedAccount1
my reason for makeing rhys, a nasty character is just to see how, gwen and the others would react if they were in that type of situation.i love the character rhys and i just wanted to see how the story would pan out, i got the idea from season 1 episode combat where rhys is nasty to gwen for going off with jack !

thankyou for your critisism, but i am going to promice you rhys is turning back to his normal self in the next chapter!

lots of love gwencooper08
6/25/2009 c12 trecebo
Hear, hear! Domestic violence isn't funny, and subjecting a character who's inherent self isn't of that mind-set is rather like a haunting. Bad news. So, hooray for Tasmin and Emma. Well done, ladies, well done.
6/14/2009 c11 trecebo
Aqua? Wow, that must've been some nickname for the aptly named not-so-much MD-ish MS. Dude. Just, keep a bandage over your ear so the important brains don't leak out, 'kay?
6/10/2009 c11 MakeLoveNotSense
This is the first time I've actually read through the story you're talking about, and I have to say you've improved it immensely. A woman who is brilliant at everything and worked with the Doctor? I smell a Sue. And I'm with Owen - no one should have to stay with a killer (potentially spending months in one building). On a side note, chapter 5 of said fic appears to have been removed.
6/1/2009 c10 MakeLoveNotSense
I've just read through the reviews for this, and oh GOD, some people can't take a hint. I commend you for being brave enough to do something about this, and do it well.

By the way, if you were to wander into the Doctor Who section, 8/10 fics (7/10 being Doctor/Rose tru luv 4eva so THER) desperately need your attention. Having said that, it looks like there's plenty of Torchwood stuff to keep you occupied.

Keep doing what you do.
6/1/2009 c10 trecebo
Man,the original story must've been a sleeper. Trust you to make it marginally entertaining. (It was beyond help, just from what you wrote of it, but the Agents were still great, rockin' what they got, natch.)(Comma overdose.)
4/9/2009 c9 trecebo
Or go the whole 'the sperm die before they get there because...the body over metabolizes to keep itself alive, but that might not work in Jack's case, since he's an impossibility, and therefore,has a fully functional gun with bullets that only can work on another impossibility.' Oh, wait. MS is an impossibility. Danggit! And I thought I had it figured out.
3/31/2009 c8 trecebo
What? You haven't fallen off the edge of night? Woo-hoo! This is quite entertaining and yet, headache inducing. Bleeprin sounds just right about now. Good thing you read the original for us and translate it into semi-readable and plot-protected fic for us. :D
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