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for The PPC at Torchwood Three

3/19/2009 c7 DeleteForever97
Having read PPc for quite a while, I was really happy when I found that there is Torchwood based team. Yay! Thank God there is now someone trying to control the Sues running riot round this fandom. If you need a story to de-sue, I suggest a story called 'Invisible Influence' by PygmyCritter. She's called Faith, an alien, who falls in love with Ianto, bashs Owen, has slight feelings for Jack and sets Tosh up with a geeky OC character. Then gets herself kidnapped. Something needs to be done. :-)

Again , thank you for writing this, and for ignoring the irritating people arguing with you through flame reviews. They aren't even worth reading
1/7/2009 c7 MakeLoveNotSense
Kudos to you for taking on the utter mess that can be found on this site, and turning it into something worth reading. I completely agree with your policy of being honest, and look forward to your future chapters (although I do slightly pity you for having to work your way through these tangled plot strands).
1/4/2009 c7 33trecebo
Good point on the research, Indiemaat. More research is way better than none. And none is very bad writing.
11/30/2008 c6 trecebo
I really shouldn't eat whilst reading your PPTs. It's dangerous for my health. And I don't have immortality like Jack.

Excellently charged and executed, with the added bonus of Jack coming back to himself with the agents.

Hmm. I wonder what would happen with him meeting Murdock and Tasmin on a mission with Alison and Emma forthwith? Damn. That's a helluva plot bunnie. More like a Plot Mutant Bunnie.
11/29/2008 c1 Elanor16

I can't remember if you mentionned it, but that really bugs me. Jack Harkness isn't Jack's real name...so why should his sister had "Harkness" as surname...or know him as Jack Harkness (since he take that name for the con he pulled in DW series 1).

sorry for my english if this comment is not clear...it isn't my first language :) And if you've mentionned it...well sorry,I didn't remember :)
10/29/2008 c5 11horns-halo4ever
Now you sent me a pm about my story 'From Dreams to Reality' but when I come to read your story I find that you also have read her story 'Out with a bang'...but then as I read your story, I understand that your making fun of our stories. You're saying that our stories are MarySue, right? Well if you do then you are wrong. They are NOT marysue's, just stories.

And I'm guessing that you didn't like our stories either. So if you didn't you really didn't have to write this.
10/11/2008 c5 Simone Lecrae
I've completed the A-Team and this one finally. I love the whole execution of the plot, humor, and wit.

I was wondering. Why don't you have a PPC for Doctor Who? It's chaos over there. An apocalypse that getting closer to fulfilling itself with every OOC Doctor, Rose, Martha, etc.
3/23/2008 c5 33trecebo
And shirtless? What was the deal with THAT? Ack!
12/5/2007 c3 PIStaker
Two quick points on the UK that you don't seem to know (as it would be a bit hypocritical to critique other people's lack of research on certain subjects and yet fail to do it yourself):

1. Gay marriage is legal in Great Britain (John Barrowman is married to his partner). So, even if Ianto was still a man, he would most certainly NOT be the first person to marry someone of the same sex in the UK, but it also wouldn't be much of an issue if he did.

2. Most churches in Europe are old as crap (yes, faecal matter is ancient!), so pews WOULD be more common than chairs. Heck, if you live in the American South, you're more likely to find pews than chairs in churches.

Not that either of these points are that catastrophic, its just chapter three spent a few sentences on them and I’d rather they were brought to your attention by someone who adores this fic than one of the crazy Sue-ers (granted, would they really notice? Highly doubtful.)

Anyways, keep up the good work. Brilliantly written and quite entertaining (hence my fragmented sentences; I’m distracted by your genius! ^_~).
10/28/2007 c1 Wandering Critic
pixiespryte, might I point out (as others have before me) that your "make up your own characters instead of pinching everyone elses" line makes you look like a shameless hypocrite. For starters, you pinched Jack Harkness. Followed by Gwen, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, the Doctor, Torchwood itself, and assorted other material. And you didn't do so for satirical purposes (a legal use of copyrighted material), as IndeMaat did with Mary Sue, er, Natasha Rose; rather, you appropriated them wholesale and wrote your own story around them as though they were yours, and wrote it so badly that it made my brain hurt and I'm not even familiar with this series!

But, you're saying, it hurts your feelings! It's YOUR character, and you're a real person! Um, do you have some bizarre idea that these characters that you've stolen (because that is what we fanfic writers do, we steal) just fell out of the sky? They were all created by writers and brought to life by actors. Real people, y'know. Do you think Russell Davies doesn't have any feelings about the characters he created, characters that you have wrinkled, muddied, and torn? Do you think that John Barrowman doesn't have any feelings of creation and ownership for Jack Harkness after living inside his skin all this time? Those people are every bit as real as you are, Pix. They put a lot of work into the creation of those characters. But you've shown not the slightest trace of respect for them or their work, not an iota of the respect that you're demanding for yourself.

Your motto is "don't do unto me as I have done unto others." It's "do what I say, not what I do." It's "I get to make the rules, and they're different for everyone else than they are for me." You're a unique and special snowflake with a privileged place in the world. NOT.

I'm a writer myself. I even get paid for it. One thing I learned a very, very long time ago: Some people are going to love your writing, most are going to be indifferent, and some are going to utterly hate it, and not be shy about letting the whole world know. It happens to me. It happens to Pulitzer prize winners. And, inevitably, it will happen to you. When it happens (and a visit from the PPC is a very mild example of "it" happening) you can do one of two things: You can take it in stride, bear it with good grace, and mine the detractors' opinions for anything that will help you improve your work. Or, you can kick and scream and stamp your little feet and hold your breath until you turn blue. One of these two will mark you as a professional writer. One will show you up as a spoiled child. I'll let you figure out which is which.

By the way, with regard to your snark about spelling and grammar errors: English is not IndeMaat's first language. Third, I think? Fourth? Something like that. I'd like to see you write as well in any of those other languages.


If I ever got a review like "ok brill story but im dumb and i got confused by the neding but u no wat im like anyways gr8 story but plz call me and explain the ending when u see my review ty shortyxx" I think I'd stop writing. I'd certainly stop writing here. That wouldn't be because of what the reviewer said, but simply because I had (to my utter disgust) written something that appealed to a person with that level of education and intelligence.

And one final bit of snark of my own: "Ninety-five percent of teenagers are concerned about being popular. If you are one of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list..." You have been HAD. That's a JOKE ... it's ironic ... the idea of adding your name to the list is to do something to show that you're part of the crowd (all the other people whose names are on there) ... which is in fact TRYING TO BE POPULAR. Somewhere, some Discordian is laughing so hard he wet his pants about how many suckers fell for it. *snicker*

(and by the way, you're too little to be watching Torchwood)
10/27/2007 c4 trecebo
I am SO glad that you hang around correcting Time Fractures of the Sue Sort. It makes my day. Even if I don't really read either of those genres except for you...
8/5/2007 c3 trecebo
I very nearly choked at the Words description of the sex change-not a good thing when you are trying to talk to someone and read whilst listening...
5/15/2007 c1 IndeMaat

Fanfiction is all about using someone else's characters rather than your own. At least I sent you a message informing you of the sort of things I had in mind for your character. I bet you never sent a message to RTD to tell him what you did to Jack, Owen and Ianto.

By the way, Tasmin and Emma are characters of my own creation, and in a way, so was Cliffie. According to my calculations, direct quotes from your story amount to about 800 words from a total of 15,200 words. That hardly amounts to copying your story.
5/15/2007 c1 envious-eyes
IndeMaat, do yourself a favour and make up your own characters instead of pinching everyone elses, and their quotes.

By the way, I am on CassBog's side in all of this, and I can tell from your profile that you aren't 'sorry' at all if anyone's feelings have been hurt.

I suppose I should be flattered that you find a thirteen year old's stories worth copying. Search a bit harder, and you might find some from a nine year old, as that would be closer to your standard of grammar and spelling.
4/10/2007 c2 trecebo
Three more cheers for the PPC! You always make me laugh with you delicate handling of not-quite-up-to-par writing.
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