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8/15/2012 c1 Bad Wolf
This is the best fic I've ever read. Period. Great job! XD
4/25/2007 c4 34Uh.yeah
Oh, my. Your author note! Hilarious, man. If not a little crazy...

Anyway. I thought I might just mention... I think fanfic alerts have broken down. Cos I haven't been getting any alerts of any kind - no story/author/review alerts. So, you know...

But, the fic! Such a lovely, sweet conclusion. And ending on Patricia Long is brilliant. It just makes it that bit more fun. And I love your Ten and Rose. They're lovely. Nice story, me dear. :D
4/4/2007 c3 Uh.yeah
I think this one is probably my favourite chapter.

What with him reciting the poem, trying to give her a special surprise, them being cute and the general humour...

You really do write some lovely Ten, you know.

Muy bien! :D
4/4/2007 c2 Uh.yeah
Aw, sorry it's taken me so long to get here...

But such a sweet little chapter. With little Rose, who is wise beyond her years, bless her.

Anyway, I think I should read on now...

But very good, this one!
3/28/2007 c3 30sevanderslice
I love this story. You captured The Doctor's personality so well! The part where he recites the poem is so beautiful and I love when he repeates "don't touch the baby!"

But could you tell me who Patricia Long is? Is she actually an actress, or did you make her up?
3/12/2007 c2 59abstractwhisk
Wow, nice chapter! I like it a whole bunch so far! Keep it up,

3/11/2007 c2 3EvilspyAchacia
Cute. Can't wait to see the next chapters

3/2/2007 c1 Look towards the Stars
Very good! I wonder what is going to happen next, and can't wait for it!
2/27/2007 c1 34Uh.yeah
Yay! First chapter up and running. And an intriguing chapter it is too, me dear.

Good ol' Nine, good ol' little Rose (if that makes any sense). I like it. :D

(Also, I hope you get an email from me, because I just sent the next chapter back to you...)
2/26/2007 c1 7horsefly
Very cool idea! Why didn't *I* think of it? The Doctor seemed very in character - good job! I myself took gymnastics for (4? 5?) years but eventually quit as I was stuck in the same group (would you call it class?) for three years. *sigh* - I never made it to competetive levels (it would've been the next class up). I'm also from the US or I would help you with the Brit stuff. Actually, if you go to my profile you'll see a link for 'Britglish' a forum I started you could ask questions about the gymnastic things. Keep up the good work - can't wait to see another chapter!
2/25/2007 c1 3EvilspyAchacia
Well you definitly have someone who is hooked onto this story.

'Very well done'

2/25/2007 c1 2gaiafreedom21
nice, I can't wait for the next chapter.
2/25/2007 c1 59abstractwhisk
Very nice, can't wait for more!
2/25/2007 c1 14Confusedknight
hi! This fic is really cool you should keep writing. If the competition is 'Under sevens' then all the competitors will be 7 or younger than seven. Update soon..

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