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for Legacy of the Maelstrom: Yamikitsune

2/6/2016 c8 rhizz17
update please
10/13/2014 c1 Guest
I don't wanna hate on you or anything but why can naruto speak full proper sentences when he's 4 and an orphan. I've got a 4yr old sister and she doesn't speak like that. The fact that naruto is abandoned and abused I'm pretty sure he'd also have selective mutism or a disorder/phobia of being seen/touched and all that jazz. I also think that he'd be more animalistic. What are you trying to portray the younger naruto as? Why is he so smart when no one has taught him? Why is he not cold/ emotionly detached.
This may seem like because I'm an anonymous reviewer, that I'm just making fun of your work. I'm sorry if I'm offending you in any way, I really don't want to but i was just wondering and it kinda bothers me for some reason. I read a lot of fanfictions tgat have a neglected and/or abused 3/4/5 yr old naruto (and they mentioned how he wasn't taught how to read and lock him in a closet). Yet he amazingly he can read and write and also speak like a someone yrs older. It confuses me shouldn't he not able to this?
Other than that I'm loving this story and i hope you keep updating.
9/14/2014 c1 35Potterformers
fucking hell man do your fucking research man, the Yondaime Hokages name is Minato Namikaze
6/12/2014 c8 silent killer
xD lol XD lol XD lol XD lol XD funnest (scratch that) most hastarikal story I ever read
4/11/2014 c8 BlackWolf
Love your story! Poor Iruka-sensei.
12/31/2013 c8 Dracoessa
Sweet, and maybe turn the tables on ibiki, and anko?
12/31/2013 c7 Dracoessa
Hahaha! Sweet.
12/31/2013 c5 Dracoessa
I think kaka-ero-sensei should be bashed a lot more.
12/31/2013 c2 Dracoessa
Konoha is sooooooooooo grunked.
12/31/2013 c1 Dracoessa
Konoha, some how you really royally fucking screwed in the ninth level of hell.
4/6/2013 c8 onepiecefannumber1
update when u get a chance and thank u for writing the story
3/13/2013 c8 8Nix Whispen
Update plz
11/29/2012 c8 2Glassstar93
Update! I want to know what happens next!
10/14/2012 c8 6Vongolafan16
Bahahahaha i loved this chapter. U should update some more
10/14/2012 c5 Vongolafan16
That was totally WICKED!
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