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5/24/2020 c1 DONE394
I am disappointed because I thought this would be a Marissa leaves Shane and Shane and Lilian hook up...
9/25/2007 c25 28AnimusPatronus
great ending! Loved it!
8/31/2007 c25 2sizzlin' diva
yay! great story. i'm so happy for lilian.
8/31/2007 c25 5tanya2byour21
I loved it and I want a sequel please. Keep up the great writing and please post more when you can.

8/29/2007 c25 MutantXHottie
The easy and tension free way Glen and Lila re together must be so refreshing to Lil after everything that Shane put her through,and Lil asking Glen to stay with her shows just how much she trusts him.Glen is so relieved that it's over.I'm glad Steph finally realized fully that it was useless to protect Shane and that he's a piece of trash,big kudos to Steph,Hunter would've been so proud of her.I'm also glad Glen arrived just before Shane could do anything further.Vince turning his own son over to Glen serving the papers was so great because Shane in no way was gonna get daddy's sympathy and protection again,this was final.The prologue was great and I loved the way Lil gave Shane the ultimate painful payback!Glen is Lil's future and she can feel very safe and secure in that!If you ever do another story keep Hunter/Steph,Lil/Glen,I liked the interaction between those couples,again ,great job!
8/26/2007 c24 MutantXHottie
That was a very slick way that Hunter planned out how to get Steph to the divorce attorney office and how he finally knocked the last nail of Shane's coffin into her head.Steph was really fighting to talk to Shane first but when Hunter told her how "fair" it was Lil ad to live her life in fear and be brutalized by Shane day in and out and how he's a monster and not worth sympathy.That was very brave and valiant of Steph to finally,finally come to the conclusion and walk in with Hunter and not make him do it alone.Hunter truly and deeply loves has wife for her McMahon strength and you could really tell that the way he never let go of her and was so caring towards her as she did the brave thing and recounted all the horrific things she saw that Shane did to Lil and the fear he made her live in.The part where Steph spoke the worries that Lil was feeling inside that moment were powerful and caring.Candice's thoughts about Shane in prison were priceless and funny!Hunter loves Steph more than ever now.I hope they drain Shane of most of his money for everything Lil was put through.I can't wait to see Glen serve those papers to Shane for Lil,because Glen will not let Shane near Lil.
8/19/2007 c25 5Thoughts in Chaos
Hahaha... Shane got everything that was coming to him. Good to see all things working out in the end, H stayed with Steph, Lil found a man who would treat her right (well maybe not so much found, it wasn't as if sh ereally lost Glenn in the first place... realised might be a better word) and like I said, Shane got his come-upence.

Just one thing though, it's probably been pointed out already, but meh I have to do it. A prolouge comes at the start of a story, I think the one you were looking for was an epilouge. Its all good though, Shane got even more humiliation.

This was a great fic and I'll be looking forward to your next one.

Much aussie luv!
8/19/2007 c25 3Undertaker of the Sith
Excellent ending! XD Go Lil'. I still love my Shane O', but the way he was in this fic...well, he deserves what he got. I do think, however, you meant 'epilogue', instead of 'prologue'. Prologues are at the beginning...but anyway, yeah, I loved the ending, I hope Lil' and Glen are happy. ;) Anyway, the story was wonderful, I enjoyed every minute of it. You should write more if ever the urge hits you. You're a good writer, and I can say from experience the more you write the better you'll get. ;) So yeah, great way to end the story - I'm sorry it's over but I liked how all this was wrapped up. Good job! XD
8/18/2007 c25 2Takerslady
Glen promised her a fresh start, I think she and Glen just need to be friends, what's gonna happen when some other guy charms her she's just gonna leave Glen and go to him too. She doesn't deserve a second chance with Glen. Good story, good job. :)
8/18/2007 c25 11Disco Inferno1
I won’t lie and say I didn’t expect more from Shane—he just seemed to go out with a whimper. But then again, he is quite the pussy. Geez, the guy went even so far as to beg his dad to do something about Glen serving him the papers. Says right there he never really was a man, even if he physically did have balls (taking his money and his balls—Lilian was right on that one; btw, great scene).

This is so sad but true: “Glen was sure that Shane would find some other woman to play and regardless of the financial consequences he would have to pay, the guy would still have way more money than anyone deserved.” Can interventions be staged for that kind of thing? ~_^

It’s going to take a long time for Lil to get over him and I hope she doesn’t make herself feel guilty as she deals with it—it’ll only make her recovery longer and harder.

Glad Steph finally stood up to him. I noticed that H is conspicuously absent from this chapter. He was the instigator in all this and it seemed only fitting that he also help conclude the story. That is probably my only real critique of the last chapter—Hunter was a MAJOR character to start this (1 of 3 really—Lilian and Shane) and the last we see of him is dragging Steph to the lawyer’s office. Yeah, he should have at least been present or said something in the last chapter.

One more critique, sorry. The prologue comes at the beginning of the story. This would be an epilogue.

My dear, you totally have talent and, yes, you should continue to write. It’s been my experience that the more you write, the better you get.
8/18/2007 c25 42PugNTurtle

It was perfect! You totally made the story perfect. Lilian was the perfect character, going from waek damsel in distress to someone who found herself escaped from the helms of abuse.

You totally made shane a dick in this, a guy you totally hate, and you did an awesome job with it. Congratulations.

Now you just need a sequel with Lilian/Glen and their new start together.

Fabulous job, and please, write more fics. I look forward to your future work.
8/13/2007 c24 11Disco Inferno1
Almost the last chapter? Um, no! I don’t want it to end (except to see Shane get what’s coming to him ~_^). Back to the rest of the chapter. . .H can be as manipulative as Steph—glad he could find a way to get her there, esp. since she finally comes to the realization of the truth about Shane. I was kind of surprised that she didn’t think H was going to try to divorce her when they pulled up at the attorney’s office. “Shane should be in jail Stephanie. Instead, all we’re asking is that Lilian get the divorce she deserves. We’re actually doing your asshole brother a favor.”—exactly, because he does deserve to go to jail. I do worry about how Shane is going to react to Lilian taking him to court. I don’t put it past him to attack her prior to the final ruling or despite the restraining order. He’d probably think it worth it. He was obviously not afraid of the consequences (ie, jail time) of hitting or raping her before, so I imagine he wouldn’t think about it now. This was nice: "Oh yeah, before I forget, who wants to serve Mr. McMahon with the court papers?" A smile crept across Glen's face. "I'll do it." That is definitely going to be fun. Sorry I haven’t reviewed sooner—been out of town and made that into a technology free vacation.
8/7/2007 c24 5tanya2byour21
Oh I love it and I am so glad Steph finly told what she saw. I love it and so can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the great writing and please post more when you can.

8/7/2007 c24 14The Heartbreak Babe
Wow. It's finally ending? It was a great ride and such a wonderful story. It'll be great to see how you put everything together for an exciting and thrilling end.

I can't wait to see what other stories you think up when you have the time. You're great at storytelling and I look forward to the next story you write.

Can't wait to see Shane get served. -grabs a bowl of popcorn and a soda ahead of time and dims the lights for a theatrical feel-

8/6/2007 c24 5Thoughts in Chaos
So it's finally coming to an end. It's been a good ride, even if I did get more than a little slack on the reviewing end. Sorry about that, but it happens with me sometimes.

It's good to see Lilian finally get her freedom from Shane's clutches and you didn't break H and Steph up to do it. No doubt it must feel like the world has been lifted from her shoulders.

Oh the next chappie should be good. I can imagine the look on Shane's face now when Glenn turn's up... muahahaha!

Much aussie luv!
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