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4/3/2010 c1 67Linzerj
2/25/2010 c1 14Saffire55
Cool! Awesome story and chapter so far!
3/1/2009 c1 sweetab0723
I like this one 2. Good story line and plot. Love you
12/4/2007 c1 2T-REX the TWIZZLE
the world will come to an end if you don't write more
7/31/2007 c1 2A Bibliophile
It seems pritty good, I want too read more though
4/13/2007 c1 14Soului
I like it. I hope you update soon. I have a question though, wouldn't Clockwork already know that this was going to happen? The whole "I know everything" thing? It's just that in the story he seems completely unprepared but the way he's portrayed in the series, it seems unlikely that that would be the case.
3/28/2007 c1 2SpartanCommander
Actually you can't kill ghosts. I dought that is possible since they are already dead. Clockwork is also connected to the tempral flow of things and if you actually destroyed Clockwork it would probably create alot of unexpected reprucussions.

Even Dan does not want to rusk altering time lines he knows how unpredictable it could be. Also Dan doesn't seem like someone who would ever take orders from anyone (Also I dought that he would even allow anyone to put a mark on him to show obediance or that he serves someone he's to um I can't think of the word. Also I think that Dan would more likely work as a partner with Trigon for some ends (Dan would probably use this to gain power so he is capable of destorying Trigon and stealing his power). Dealing with Dan is very very dangerous since he possesses only the Darker half's of Danny's and most of Vald's darker emotions. I'm betting it's like when Danny split his personality between his ghost hald and his human half once. He ended up dividing his emotions in such a way both half's most dominant traits were the most annoying aspects of Danny's personality.

But Dan's is a completly different all together. To be honest it would probably take Danny, Vlad, and the Fright Night to beat Dan. It is likely that Vlad and the Fight Night will ally with Danny since the Fright Night and Vlad have an alliance together and Vlad is smart enough to realize the massive threat Dan has. between those three you have enough power to take down Dan and possibly challange Trigon.

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