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for Nightengale

11/13/2008 c1 14Kairi's-twin
hee hee this is so weird I can actually review my own story. This is probably one of my more original stories and I really love it... though I wonder is Kokila a little mary sue-ish? I hope not!

11/25/2007 c3 Sooty
Um... it's nightingale with an 'i', not an 'e'.
10/18/2007 c1 Chris
The story was really cool. I especially liked the characters' names and how Shardul could change into a tiger and back. There are some spelling things here and there... not too bad though. The story could still use a little revising overall for little other things. I actually wouldn't mind looking at the whole thing to fix the spelling spots and provide more detailed critique. I'll contact you further about that.

But all in all it's a really well-written story and I enjoyed reading it!
5/20/2007 c4 5Unimaginable Possibilities
This was cute. I liked it. It's too bad you only have one other review aside from mine. ^_^
4/12/2007 c3 10Lady Nessa
I like it. It's flows really well, which is much more than I can say for my early work. You really are quite good at this. Keep it up.

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