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7/17/2010 c24 3ajax.the.axe.murderess
wow! you've really outdone yourself here. I still don't entirely understand all the behavior- draco's random rudeness in this chapter, and in general Theodore's mood swings... but people are hard to understand in life, so it makes sense that the characters arent entirely comprehensible...

I like what you've done with Draco. he's still very much draco malfoy, but you've left plenty of room for improvement, and he's a great character. Hermione is, of course fabulous- also a very believable character, and endearing, as well. I love the whole fear-of-water-issue and draco's dislike of lightening... it's sort of surprising, but makes the characters more realistic.

I was a little dissapointed that hermione sat out for the triathalon, a couple chapters back, but she's been being plenty agressive and hermione-ish in later chapters, so i've been pacificed ;)

love it, update soon!
7/17/2010 c24 17Ms. Louis Cordice Zabini
OMG that was awesome. I loved it.

When are you going to update ?

I hope it's some time soon.
7/16/2010 c24 anaa-pixie
when are they going to get together?
6/8/2010 c24 xHELLOx
oh my gosh this story is amazing. i love it! i love how the realtionship between hermione and draco is slow and realistic i just love it all really. This is one of the best dramiones i've ever read and i've read almost all of them! well done! please please please keep writing! :D :)
6/5/2010 c24 Scared-Like-Me
Wow, amazing. I truely love this story, and I hope you don't give uup on it, I love the way it's wrtten -and honestly, BB sucks now, so I'd much rather be reading this :D- please, please update soon, beause this is a typr of Dramione story I haven'tcoome across before, and I think it's bloody brilliant!

Heal My Bleeding Heart.
4/7/2010 c24 2TheRamenNoodleGirl

that was EXCELLENT! I totally loved even though at first I was kinda skeptical...loved it!
3/3/2010 c24 LionessBug
Wow, this has been really interesting so far. I really can't wait to see what else you write :)
3/2/2010 c24 1Lamaya
yay! when is the next one? i cant wait
2/23/2010 c24 3DevilishBea
OMG! I just love how you were able to create such an interesting Big Brother show! I hate helga! and that Blaise is gay, even though I have nothing against them, but sometimes he is really cool. when will draco and hermione realize their feelings? You know something that would be REALLY cool? Ron and mione goes to a HUGE party at andreas' and there hermione gets trown in the pool by accident and draco goes to the rescue, he only goes there to pick them up since it was getting late and then he saves hermione and she is like OMG my hero and gets MUCH closer to draco and other stuff happens which I won't tell you or else I will be the one having all of the ideas. and you should make a romantic challenge just to spice things up.
2/23/2010 c24 1YeahYouWannaKnowMyName
Brilliant. I Wondered When This Was Going To Happen In The Story. I Wondered It At About The Beginning, Actually, And Then Promptly Forgot It. lol. Cool That Draco Got The Garlic Bit.

2/1/2010 c24 1La Push Wolf Girl
Please update soon! Cool story!
1/23/2010 c24 Purpledaizi626
I am really glad to see that you have added on to the story! I absolutely love this story, especially your character dynamics, although I have to say Theo and Blaise are my favorites =) Great job- can't wait for the next update!
1/13/2010 c24 melting fire
Thank you so much for updating! I was going a bit batty waiting for so long. I love your writing. Well done.
1/10/2010 c24 1AliasFan4Lyfe
LOVE this story, just read it all straight through and i'm craving for more lol, please update soon :)
1/10/2010 c24 3Jiigglypuff
This is my absolute favorite fanfic! This is my favorite by far, and I've read easily over 10 completed stories, and this one beats them all.

I really hope you begin to update quicker, because I love this story! And I'm sure many many others also love it :) I've read it twice now! :D

(Subscribes to author and story, also adds author and story to favorites).

Hoping for more updates!
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