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6/21/2015 c20 3Veesh the Frog
6/21/2015 c19 Veesh the Frog
THANK YOU FOR A FEW NEW GREAT SONGS ON MY PLAYLIST. I think Sexy Back was the perfect song for The Bloody Fuckers. And I really like how Blaise sang that "soul song" for Draco and Hermione! Finally, more Dramione! YAY! My favorite chapter so far, I've had Sexy Back stuck in my head for days... :D
6/21/2015 c18 Veesh the Frog
FINALLY JACOB AND HERMIONE ARE OVER! I really loved that really sweet chat that Draco and Hermione had. That I Kissed A Girl scene was AMAZING! Go Blaise and Hermione! I love Blaise even more now, if possible. :D
6/21/2015 c17 Veesh the Frog
"SCREW YOU!". XD XD XD. Oh God, I love Hermione. Great chappie! :)
6/21/2015 c16 Veesh the Frog
Eww. I don't like Helga. Or that she's "pregnant". How do you find out within a day? BLAISE HOW DID I FORGET! AWWWWW. I love Blaise even more now, it that's at all possible. Haha, Hermione when she's leaving the elevator from Blaise and the other guy snogging, she's just like "carry on". Gotta lover her! One of your best chapters yet!
6/21/2015 c15 Veesh the Frog
THE SHOWER SCENE XD XD XD. I realized I start most of my reviews with capitals... Anyways. Aww, poor Hermione. At least Draco was like OMG at how gorgeous Hermione looked. Yeah, I liked that, :D
6/21/2015 c14 Veesh the Frog
Aww, they lost. Haha, "No Granger it's my pet bird". Malfoy is such an ass sometimes, I LOVE car accident...that was a great addition. It really adds to the tension in the story. And after all that they lost. AWW. :(
Still, amazing chapter!
6/21/2015 c13 Veesh the Frog
AWWWW RON'S A CUTE LITTLE DOGGY! Malfoy's a soft, lovable tiger. :D
I really liked the heart in this chapter from when she and Harry thought Ron had died. I cried. As usual, great chapter!
6/21/2015 c12 Veesh the Frog
"THE BLOODY FUCKERS" I'M DYING OF LAUGHTER! The look that must have been on Ron's face when Draco kissed him...Amazing chapter!
6/21/2015 c11 Veesh the Frog
"How long have you been going?"
"About a full day."
XD XD XD. Poor Hermione, I can imagine the expressions on Draco and Blaise's faces! I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. Brilliant chapter!
6/21/2015 c10 Veesh the Frog
OH MY GOD HERMIONE. IN A CAR CHASE. FROM THE POLICE. I have now truly seen everything...
6/21/2015 c9 Veesh the Frog
Oh my Goodness, HERMIONE LOST IT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, poor Hermione! The idea is absolute gold! I am a woman obsessed...
4/27/2015 c28 8sevendeadlyseas
No, no, no, NO!
At first I didn't like the idea of this story, but I made myself push through and read it cause you're an awesome author. I absolutely loved it, and you NEED to continue. I understand that you are a uni student so you must be busy, so I'm going to wait rather than mark this as 'abandoned'. Please, please, please continue!
1/24/2015 c10 Sarah
Well, flowing or not, I liked it!
1/1/2015 c28 Smartcat101
Please update soon this is so much fun reading and ease add more dramione to it. I LOVE THIS SOOO MUCH
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