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for The Naralee princess

8/8/2014 c13 Guest
12/16/2010 c45 1lawerence13
awsome... write a sequal, write a sequal... :^)

lawerence13 8-)
12/15/2010 c2 lawerence13
This is a vey good story and i shall continue to study it...

Oh well so much for nice and proper, i love your story keep writing.

Lawerence13 out
12/15/2010 c1 lawerence13
For your character classification you have the wrong Lily... Lily Luna is harrys kid Lily Evas P. is the one that marries james.. just thought u should know

Lawerence13 out 8-)
11/26/2010 c1 Person
Haha Niles. Did you get that from the nanny? Because they have a butler called Niles who is British.
1/15/2010 c45 8sti
amazing story! wow, you have pretty good imagination.
2/7/2009 c45 Rossete
wonderful its the best story iv read until now and i have all of the HP series and the Narnia one with several of the enid blytons too congrats i just love Ur story
1/4/2009 c45 FishPonysRock
this is excellent(spelling?)!

i like this story

your a great author!

keep writing
1/1/2009 c45 PrimaBallerina13
i just finished reading your story. i read it all at one time, and i really enjoyed it. it had a nice flow to it, and it wasnt all action and no dialogue. you have a good imagination, and i encourage you to keep writing. the only thing to work on is a more mature stlye of writting, but that comes with time, practice, and hard work. keep it up!
8/5/2008 c12 PrincessandthePauper
OMG! I love your story so awsome
6/19/2008 c45 3Mell of Ileadh
You should so write a sequal to this about Harry and Maya! I love how you wrote this, and I ended up staying up until 1:47 am just to finish it! Keep writing cause you rock!
12/1/2007 c35 1curliemmy
i hate pixies! but they certainly make a story suspencful!
12/1/2007 c7 curliemmy
Nelly and Wilfred haha
12/1/2007 c1 curliemmy
interesting idea...
12/1/2007 c45 MissMarauder4487
Aww, i'm sorry i haven't reviewed in a long time i just haven't had time. Good story, i liked the whole LotR and HP together type of thing! missing your dtory already, .:hannah:.
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