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7/4/2010 c4 Lily887787
4/9/2010 c4 Red Echantress
Wow!I can't believe I've never stumbled upon this story before!Sincerely, I really, really, really hope you could continue Control Alternate Delete because such a brilliant, nicely written story is not meant to be abandoned and this one happened to fit the category. Your story is rather unique too. So please update!
1/29/2009 c3 4SuperiorShortness
Hope you continue this story one day :)! One of my favorites I re-read it alot.
1/16/2009 c4 SuperiorShortness
Definitely one of the best post-Harry fics, please update soon :). This story really really deserves more attention for how good and detailed your niche in the HP world is.
2/6/2008 c4 Darkness has the Banished Soul
lololololol that was hilarious you almost made me bust out laughing so loud that my parents almost woke up that is awesome please update soon
9/16/2007 c4 3Dishonorable
Very good, I loved Harry's prank.
9/8/2007 c4 1Kai Luna
Nice touch at the end! xD
8/18/2007 c4 15knuckz
hehe nice!
8/17/2007 c4 1Zephyrical
This fic is decently written but you need to lay off the cliches. You've used three to four major cliches so far.

First off.. multi-animagus and all 3 forms are magical? Seriously... what the hell? Why does he need magic now? Since he's immortal he could just run around and kill people with a toothbrush and nothing would happen cause he cant die. He doesnt need all these abilities.. seriously.

Secondly, Whats with all that money? What can use trillions and trillions of galleons for?

Third, Lord of 5 houses and three of them are founder hairs? over used cliche to max.

Fourth, seems to be friendly with the goblins and they adore him for this. another cliche.

Despite those four cliches, you still write quite well... especially for a 14 year old.

All in all the story is decent but lay off the cliches. Im half expecting that stupid magical 7 apartment style trunk to pop up.

8/17/2007 c4 Fire Dolphin
i am very glad that u updated. can't wait to read about what happens to harry when he goes to a different dimension. also what about the malfoy's money? did harry also take it? update son!
8/16/2007 c4 Tmctflyboy
love your story, look forward to the next chapter
8/16/2007 c4 23Tama Saga
*Snicker* Your Harry is shameless. Lord Voldemort XD
8/16/2007 c1 mekanos
am not muck oof a critic but overall good writing style,attention to detail,but plot moves slowly
8/11/2007 c3 2hash4uall
great story .. but i dont get the end of the third chapter.. wat i mean is that .. he was finishing the potion and suddenly he gets a letter regarding his seventh year.. i dont get it at all. its a bit confusing in that section...
3/26/2007 c2 mayfairvoid
Though you have borrowed the ideas from Eternal Cosmos's story, the presentation is different. But one of the unfortunate side effects of reading similar stories is that you tend to compare the one you read later to the first one and I find myself doing the same here, inspite of my best efforts. The story seems interesting, though I was unable to fathom a couple of things such as

1) Harry defeated Tom, so he should not have had any trouble against the werewolf unless he was extremely tired

2) Nagini is much more aggressive than I thought and there is no playfulness to her (Here I go comparing again, Sorry ;-)

3)What's happened to Remus, did I miss his death?

4) Will someone else accompany Harry to the alternate reality, if you still plan on pursuing that direction?
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