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6/30 c1 K
Nice and quirky. Good stuff!
9/28/2016 c1 Guest
Good job.
I liked it.
Thanks for writing.
3/14/2016 c1 3desireejones99
Ah what a great Epilogue, of course i only consider the series to be 5 books long with some fan fiction writer some how getting two other books published with characters named the same
10/31/2013 c1 anotherboarduser
I like this story. It's short and interesting.
3/6/2011 c1 40Xelan
I really liked this story. I'm surprised that I never reviewed. I thought I would correct that mistake. I can just see this happening. Good characterization. You know, this story was in the back of my mind when I wrote Balancing Debts. I'm positive it influenced me, even though at the time, I couldn't recall the title or the author.
7/16/2009 c1 Ileah
Aw, that's so cute! He could've said it a bit differently so she didn't think he was dumping her, though. And Fred with a muggle girl? I can't really see that happening. Cute still, though.
9/15/2008 c1 11brigrove
8/3/2007 c1 dave-gerecke


7/11/2007 c1 elizabeth
OMG that was so cute
5/11/2007 c1 3Bet-HPG
It was beautiful!

I love the couple and i dont' care if is canon or not!

Ginny dead?

I have no problem with that... What about Ron?

Sorry, I dont't speak... not even write english very well.
3/11/2007 c3 10cylobaby
That was funny. However, I really wish you wouldn't add the whole 'and they lived happily ever after' because I like to imagine their futures as dramatic and interesting. Can you do a Harry/Luna next? That's be LOL
3/11/2007 c2 heketerine
cute story. what's so wrong with ginny and harry getting together? they do in the book.
3/11/2007 c1 cylobaby
Though I am most definetly not a Herm/Harry shipper, that was cute. I loved Hermione's proposal. "Harry, will you marry me? Really, it's a fairly logical question." lol
3/11/2007 c2 4AmintaWithARose
"symphony of mayhem"-awesome word choice!

I like the Hermione one better. ;)

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