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9/21/2019 c5 Mark
Great story
10/12/2016 c5 Guest
Sweet story
5/8/2016 c5 pyc97
Omg the ending lol
2/19/2011 c5 ljm
Great story, really enjoy second generation stories.
1/24/2011 c2 alisosia
so cute dewey buying angle a doll
4/21/2010 c5 Helen
T'was awesome to get a sequel. Thanks!
10/5/2009 c5 spedclass
Amazing story!
4/23/2009 c5 Bits1212
Enjoyed it very much! Especially the last chapter!
1/24/2009 c5 2iimagineyou
Perfect, just perfect. Wonderful, amazing. So happy-making and lovely and just the *right* way for everything to go. I have always wanted to read second-generation stories but rarely are the few that I've found good, and this is, geeze, so much better than good.
1/24/2009 c5 38Tyloric
I also just have to giggle about how you named a fertility specialist Dr. Lay.
1/14/2009 c5 Ninjamaster-255
i love this story and the preceding one as well they are both masterfully done

i hope to read another rayne fic from you soon
11/10/2008 c5 10J-Kid
Aw . . . Mal and Inara named their kid Xander! :-) Sweet. Let's hope the boy has a better girlfriend track than the version 1. ^.^
8/14/2008 c5 Klmorashyahoo.com
What was with the Inara/Mal mess up. If you didn't like the pairing then I would understand but you had 'em going through all sorts of hoops through your two stories. Seems out of place with the rest of the fic.
8/7/2008 c5 37Tears of Mercury
Thanks for the heads-up on the sequel! I was so happy to see a continuation on this storyline.

River's pregnancy was heartwrenching to read about. I understand where both of them were coming from, which just makes it even harder to see them both hurting. I was so glad when they got their act together - and I didn't doubt for a minute that Jayne would fall in love with Max when he finally laid eyes on him. :)

I was glad to have a fifth chapter to give us some sense of closure. I am a little confused about one thing, though: is Mal letting Inara put Xander through the Guild's program for male companions, or was the reference to them simply made because those would be the peers Xander was allowed to associate with?

The scene where Angel accused Jayne of favoring Max because he wasn't her biological father made my heart hurt. I can just picture Jayne, being completely wounded and just wondering where that was coming from, and Max having no idea what was going on... *sniffles* I would have loved to see Jayne and Angel talking that out after Dewey high-tailed it down the hall.

I'm glad that Angel and Dewey got their wedding (and at an age where they could both appreciate it :P) and that River and Jayne managed to survive raising two teenagers. I still wish there was more, but I think I would have wished that even if the sequel was twenty chapters long.

Thank you for writing Rayne fic. And, just as an aside, I agree that reading a story with tons of build-up can be just as much fun as one with near-immediate romance. Also, I think every author has pet stories. If you're narcissistic then I think we all must be. ;)

I promise that this is the last time in the near future that I send you a five-paragraph review! But, once again, thank you for the story. I really enjoyed it.
6/23/2008 c1 Anijade
Hi there I really enjoyed the story however there were a couple of errors that stood out. One 37 weeks is not considered being a premmature birth as normal gestation is only 40 weeks
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