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for It's going to be, alright I hope

6/20/2011 c8 1Satsuki20
Aww, so sweet. And aww that was the last chapter =3=
5/23/2011 c8 Yaoi es passion
porfa,porfa,porfa me estoy muriendo I want the sequel and so badly is Naruto going to marry Sasuke? can't wait for he sequel
5/19/2011 c8 XxRawr-SasuNaruSasuxX
I so want a sequel for this story. It so adorable and the ending made me cry.
5/16/2011 c8 Te amo Sasuke
So cue I loved when Sasuke said "Uzumaki Naruto...Will you marry me" am sorry but that was so sweet that I am crying right now.

Love the story.
7/11/2010 c7 4secretly-eager-to-please077
I LOVE There For You by Flyleaf! Its my favorite song!
7/24/2007 c5 2kk bk
ok i like your fic and all but what i don't understand is that i've been reading alot of naruto fics on this site and i just wanted ask if SAI is just a made up character because i don't remember seeing him in the series on t.v..

please tell me because i'm beginning to like sai in these fics and i don't want to be dissapointed the next i watch naruto to see sai not on the show.
7/18/2007 c8 25HuMaN-EaTiNg-PaNdA -HEP


im gonna cry now ):

wat does he say?
7/15/2007 c8 31Smori
aw... a trio sequal? lol. :D
7/15/2007 c4 Smori
Maybe you should know this... It's Itachi... Not Itatchi. No second t in there. Besides that, It's great!
6/28/2007 c8 DarkRavie
Awesome chapter! I can't wait to read your next chapter.
6/28/2007 c8 16Trigger Happy Bitch
-sniffles- that was so sweet. -sniffles- can't wait for the sequel.
6/21/2007 c7 25HuMaN-EaTiNg-PaNdA -HEP

does it hav to do with the fast healing part or the itachi scolding sasuke part?

really good i luveded it!

update soon!

HuMaN-EaTiNg-PaNdA -HEP-

(previously WeIrD-fRoG)
6/20/2007 c7 Maru Maru-chan
Katon: You know, I've been wanting to tell you all this time.. Itachi's name doesn't have a "t" right before "chi".
6/20/2007 c7 165NintendoGal55
Wow...that was a good chappie! =3 I totally take back what I said about Temari!

Yay! Sasuke's okay! And I knew I was right! Hahaha! And I knew Tsunade would lose since she always does. XD

Nice job! Woohoo!
6/19/2007 c6 3freakin'idiot
no offence and really i mean BO OFFENCE but i already know what happens... temarie sabs sasuke instead of naruto... whrn i say no offence is that if u r doing this type of ending then it wouldnt be a shoker for alot of people because alot of people do thoes type of endings... yeah... other then tht this story waz well writin i luv it!
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