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for Darkest Days of the Fallen

10/19/2008 c6 KerryRyan
dear helen

please continue this story!

i like how its going so far and you cant leave me hanging here!

i need to know what happens next!
2/20/2008 c5 DevilMadeYouCry
this is really interesting and cool and i hope Tyson gets back to normal soon i dun lke him being near that evil little b with an itch
11/21/2007 c3 crystalbladedragon
wow this is an interesting story, really the first three chapters have me hooked...but poor tyson!..actually i'm alittle confused as to what happened to him i mean i got that he got sick and ther going to be any more in depth explanation?, just wondering...anyway i seriously love your story so far..hope u update soon!
8/30/2007 c3 47DancerInTheDark101
I can't really say much in this review, I'm kinda on a time limit, but: I'm really enjoying this so far. Who is the main character going to be? Will it eventually be Tyson, or Kai? Or Saiyo?

Anyways, great work. Keep it up

8/30/2007 c2 DancerInTheDark101
Tyson's alive? WHOO! I'm not a big Tyson fan, but still...he's alive!

Great chapter.

Keep it up

8/30/2007 c1 DancerInTheDark101
hay there! This is really interesting so far. It's got a good mix of action, suspence, dialogue: the whole works. Can't wait to see how the rest turns out!

Keep up the good work


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