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3/27/2014 c8 60Nightfall Rising
Yes. A very hard job, which would have been lethally impossible if his two generals hadn't generally wanted the exact same tasks from him. (sigh)
3/27/2014 c6 Nightfall Rising
In my personal canon, the primary reason he didn't end up in Hufflepuff is that when the Hat also offered him Gryffindor, like his mum (the consequences of whose choices he was and did not like), he freaked out and got violent with it. (g)

I like that you can't tell, in this, whether he's being tortured because he and Lily stuck with each other, or punished for something because he ended up getting commandeered anyway.
9/10/2013 c14 11ArwenFairTinuviel
This is a great collection of snippets from Severus' life. I particularly like your use of the four elements (this one with Emmeline was morbid but funny at the same time!); Severus' ability to liquify kidneys with a mere glare; and how he uses Lily's memory to fly (I always expected that he learned to fly with her help). I'm impressed by how much you capture within only a few words ;-)
11/10/2011 c14 12moira of the mountain
I've long admired your work - but this particular one I only discovered this morning (and it almost made me late to catch my train...) You've crafted a perfect potion - the compleixty of which I suspect the Potions master would approve - although he may be far less pleased that you've revealed his soul far too clearly. Brava !
10/11/2009 c14 54Ysilme
Yours is the first mentioning of Snape flying that I can find plausible. Another extremely good drabble!
10/11/2009 c13 Ysilme
This one is the best among the element drabbles, to my opinion. Very strong and blazing fiery. I like the hints about the friendship to Minerva very much, particularly with the back story you give her here.
10/11/2009 c12 Ysilme
Brilliant, this taking together of the elements, the murders and other reminiscences... again, I simply can say wow.
10/11/2009 c11 Ysilme
Wow - I don't know what to say else. That's really strong and impressing.
10/11/2009 c10 Ysilme
Breathtakingly excellent!
10/11/2009 c9 Ysilme
*smile* Beautiful!
10/11/2009 c8 Ysilme
10/11/2009 c7 Ysilme
Interesting thought, having Severus burying his Lily...
10/11/2009 c6 Ysilme
The chapter title is extremely fitting - how better could one describe these consequences than how you did. I sometimes wondered, too, whether Severus wouldn't have been wrongly sorted, and can imagine so well an entirely different fate for him with another house as his.
10/11/2009 c5 Ysilme
Again, the whole meaning unfortunately escapes me, or rather the realization where and when this took place and who exactly the victim is. But again, I'm fascinated by the intensity of your words and everything you are insinuating. And would die to learn what Minerva really is thinking...
10/11/2009 c4 Ysilme
I can't even start to imagine how atrocious and horrible this must have been for Severus. Brilliant in its shortness and simplicity.
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