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for The Underworld at Twilight

1/27/2018 c20 3Ash Lightwood. Shadowhunter
I was waiting for her to sing "Girlfriend", I knew it!
7/3/2012 c20 5SilverNeira
I like it! And for the sequel, it doesnt really matter for me. I'm fine either way. Anyway, I can tell that you are a MAGER Twilight fan. I mean the council have basically all the vampire's names in it! I was like OMFG, I can't believe you did that. Well I guess anything can goes once your imagination get turned on.
10/22/2011 c20 16RogueMetamorph
Alright, I'll be honest. I thought this was the strangest story i have ever read when i first started reading this story... But now i absolutely love it! It was so cute and so perfect! Not to mention it brought to my attention songs i haven't heard in years and now have come to love again. I loved your story and can't wait to read your others.

Peace! (Ha, get it?)
8/6/2011 c20 4Stargazer1364
This is awesome, ProcrastinatingPyro09! =D =D =D =D Yes, there oughta be a sequel, if only because it's so awesome! =D
6/10/2011 c20 xXxWolfxLoverxXx
i LOVE your story! i just saw sky high the other day for the 20th time and found your story! idk if u will stll write another but i think your a awesome writer and i can't wait to read more of your storys!
6/7/2011 c20 19Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
loved it!
12/30/2010 c8 7HeartlessVampireGirl
...You love Twilight, don't you. (More statement than fact) Eh, what do I care, I do too at times! Love ya story!
5/1/2010 c20 19irene96
i liked ur story:)
4/30/2010 c20 1vampirelover2009
I love it this is just the best! i'm speechless! you are amazing!
12/14/2009 c20 Lauren
Woman, I am going to say one thing. *sob* This story *sob* has... completely... *sob* changed my life*sob* for the better1 (and I am actually crying right now) Since you mentioned Panic! At the Disco so much at the beginning at your story, when I first started reading it a year ago, I decided to check it out... and it totally changed my life. Ever since then, Panic! At the Disco has been a major point in my life. It is all time favorite band! On the whole album on A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, my favorite song is Lying Is The Most A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off. Out of every song Panic! At the Disco has, New Perspective is my all-time favorite! So, I just wanted to thank you. This story has been a major influence in my life.
10/12/2009 c4 4Queen Grapefruit
How cool! I love SLC Punk, and actually happen to live just north of dear old Salt Lake. Just had to let you know, because it's always cool for me to find those sorts of connections in fanfics.
8/5/2009 c20 Lauren
This was a great story and I absolutelty loved it! The parts with the Council actually made me cry! (That's a good thing by the way!) Also, I had never even heard of Panic! at the Disco so I listened to some of their songs and now I'm absolutely in love with them! By the way have you ever heard of Eyeshine? They're a... Well I think they're a really good band. For some reason, after reading this story, I have a feeling that you might like them. Hope you do!
6/8/2009 c20 3I'm-The-Invisible-Girl
yay! that was fucking amazing!

luved it!

luv happy endings and the songs were all amazing!

what's the one where it goes 'I want you to want me...'

that one

i've heard it and luv it but have no idea who sings it or anything! Please tell me if you know it!

awesome story

you write really well!
6/8/2009 c12 I'm-The-Invisible-Girl
whoa I totally thought they were all gonna be killedoff for a minute then

this is a really cool story

i like it


love how it's all mixed in together!

can't wait to see what happens next!
7/18/2008 c20 3MermaidSwamp
Aww, the ending was so incredibly sweet!

I loved it! Great Story!

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