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for What to do at the SGC when you’re bored

2/4/2010 c2 2RebekahTHEBeautiful
Oh, wow. Keep this up!
6/5/2007 c1 Fantasyfan01
I seriously could not stop laughing!
4/10/2007 c1 D. Ho
Hee! :)
4/6/2007 c2 Spice9
this is funny and really good.
4/2/2007 c2 12Lutherian
Ok now this is funny. I love both the lists- it's so them! :)
4/1/2007 c2 4ArellaoftheLuvara
I'm glad you got some ideas for this, I love fics like this! But... oh no. You did Theme Songs! I had to go listen to most of them. I blame you for being up past midnight on a Sunday. Um... Monday, technically. XD Update as soon as you can! This is pretty good. ^.^
4/1/2007 c2 14Lady Lemons
wow, that was too funny! woot that made me laugh so hard! very very nice job and i hope you decide to post more. kudos!
4/1/2007 c2 23nogigglingmajor
Ghost busters totally suits SGA... oh that is SO their song from now on. You know I'll be humming it next time I watch an episode right? I hate you. LOL
4/1/2007 c2 the Sane Fay
lol, I didn't recognize every song, but it was hilarious nonetheless.
4/1/2007 c2 78Samandjackforever
What about janets theme? Janets theme can be- Answer By- Sarah McLachlan.
4/1/2007 c2 50StanaTorv
haha! this is a cool fic.
4/1/2007 c2 6pokemastercube
nice work. Hears a thought for the a future chapters: TV or films, Computer games
4/1/2007 c2 5Ianthe-Echo
3/31/2007 c2 4MEPutney
"Robert Kinsey

“Politicians” – Emanon

Daniel: I rescind every comment I’ve had about Walter’s taste in music."

Is all WRONG ist should be "Where you Born an Ass Hole" by Jimmy Buffet.
3/31/2007 c2 spacemonkey1129
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