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for The past always catches up with you in the end

12/27/2008 c63 xxxxx456
continue the story please

i love kris and jess and their are so little good jess/kris storys out their yours is one of the best !

5/30/2008 c62 Severn91
please finish the story

this was the first ever story i read on here and i loved it from the start

please update :d

10/8/2007 c61 Severn91
i love this story

please carry on writing it

8/23/2007 c1 9AngelicMermaid
I love this story, please carry on writing this. lv Elz xx
7/15/2007 c60 2popz-attitude-angel
gr8 lurv it fabbtabbylus
7/12/2007 c59 Severn91
great chapters :D

update soon please

6/3/2007 c57 Severn91
omg i love this story please update soon x
5/14/2007 c45 5Mary Jane Elle Jay
please keep updating i really enjoyed the story but it needs to continue!

i think its great the way that it moves at just the right pace
4/8/2007 c38 charliecharlie
wow, i love this fic so much! i have just read it from the start tonight! its really really good and i just couldn't stop reading it, not even to go to bed! lol! update soon plz
4/3/2007 c37 2popz-attitude-angel
thats the best story ive eva red i read it on fanfiction and on hollyfiction on hollyfiction im


ive reviewed your storys so many times it my favorite
4/1/2007 c36 popz-attitude-angel
really really good please dcarry on on this or on hollyfiction im vaiting on both of em this is my favorite story ever
4/1/2007 c34 popz-attitude-angel
realy really good please update soon on fanfiction or hollyfiction i read both of em
3/21/2007 c23 10Guard of the Heradi
I'll admit at first I was rather sceptical when I started reading this, there's too many fanfictions where Jess gets pregnant around. But I'm impressed, chapter 23 was really good, really moving and emotional. Hope you keep it up, would love to read more :-)
3/18/2007 c8 10Rachey33
Brilliant please post more soon
3/18/2007 c8 21Digital Damita
I'm glad you are making the chapters longer, aw bless Jess, hope Kris finds out soon
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