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5/30/2017 c1 19AndurilofTolkien
aw sweet
11/15/2013 c1 elestre
This is such a sweet and wonderful fic! I loved reading it Amazing work! Thank you and keep up the awesome work 3
8/15/2013 c1 alexiana75
sweet, warm and beautiful! Wonderfull! The first part, with Celebrian...Wow! I loved the idea of raining, "the nature sorrow". Amazing! Thank you for a wonderfull time, with (some) of my favorite characters!
3/28/2013 c1 Guest
2/18/2013 c1 7forTheLoveOfHades
1/27/2013 c1 Window Girl
So adorable!
6/7/2012 c1 65Frodo's sister
8/11/2011 c1 7Cheerfully Blue
Awww... how sweet. All these Estel's stories talk about how Estel changed the Twins, but none them really show how he did, but I think this one does an amazing job at doing just that. I really liked it. I can't wait to read more of your stuff.
5/31/2010 c1 LisaG16
loved the Elrond/Estel moments...very sweet!
2/11/2010 c1 Libye
A very good story. Little Estel is so sweet and I love the twins.
4/10/2009 c1 188Virodeil
The story was beautifully woven. :) The balance between tension and humor, logic and emotion, was perfect - to me. LOL I never knew Celebrian could be so harsh... But then again, she might be despairing herself seeing Elrond blame himself like that just before she set sail. Her prophecy stirred me; so simple and yet significant. If Elrond had known right there and then what she meant, the outcome might would bee different. Perhaps, though, he was better this way.

The scene Elrond chanced to see - between his twins and little Aragorn - was endearing. I love that part particularly. I wonder, though, why did the twins 'pose' that way - with books and pillows and cushions all over them and around... If it was Estel, I could understand.

There were some grammatical mistakes, but I don't remember them one by one now. Overall, aside from the mistakes, this story was well-done. :)

3/12/2009 c1 23TiredGreenEyes
I love Elrond and family stories and this one was simply perfect! A nice read, good job... and the part about the twins and Estel... classic.
3/7/2009 c1 23Blip-chan
I died at your description of the twins in this. I got such a clear image of them squabling over books that I cracked up.
3/2/2009 c1 3Raina Meldamiriel
it's a beautiful piece of writting . adorable and fluffy and i loved it
12/27/2008 c1 10CosmicEssence
This was beautiful and almost fluffy. Ive not seen a Celebrian leaving before and thought that if it had to happen in any way, that would be it. Plus the 'Estel' premonition created a little shiver of delight. I don't care if Tolkien never intended such a thing, this story makes it flow so nicely that one would be hard pushed to complain.

Also liked the flashbacks and Elrond's emotions were very well written.

One thing i did notice was that once or twice you had someone say 'I'm' rather than 'I am'. Just a little thing really but mostly all other possible shortened words were not. YOu know like 'i will' instead of i'll or i do not instead of don't. The 'I am' just adds tot he timeframe frame and speech of it all.

Otherwise, a little gem.
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