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for Broken in the Way of Love

4/22/2011 c11 4Sarame Uchiha
I'd say a visiting youkai from Inuyasha. lol

great story so far, can't wait to read more. ^^
2/3/2010 c11 Cdelancy
Ilove your story and i vote for Slight Yuri
6/14/2009 c11 xoxCutie-Chanxox
i guess #2 or 3 is fine

the kyuubi and his ramblings
3/24/2008 c10 Forgotten Werewolf
:D not BAd
2/22/2008 c11 Kubikiri
yeah, the little pervert is inside us all. In naruto's case one horny fox. Yep,i got no constructive critiscism, But KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. (insert nice guy pose and shining teeth)!
2/14/2008 c11 DarksinX91
Well,for the answer of all numbers 1,2,3 and 4,I say go on with it since you say nothing heavy on Yaoi n Yuri.=D
12/8/2007 c11 2Final Sleeper
Interesting story, humorous, that's the best part... Wonder where you will take it next...


Final Sleeper
10/7/2007 c11 1FlurryofDreams
yay, good chapter... umm, i don't really like yaoi or yuri but its your story... I'll still read just I don't prefer them
9/29/2007 c11 2Elemeffayoh
holy fuck kyuubi was born here? NO NOT YAAOI i cant deal with yuri but YAOI?
9/26/2007 c11 16Sharingan-hater86
interesting ja nee
9/26/2007 c11 jpalacio
Yuri my friend
9/8/2007 c10 2Elemeffayoh
so did they fuck?
9/8/2007 c9 Elemeffayoh
... oh fuck
9/5/2007 c10 16Sharingan-hater86
dam again poor naruto ja nee
7/13/2007 c9 Lloyd Neruameshi
update soon
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