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for Pokemon Wars: Transformers: The Beginning

12/30/2021 c3 Feng Yang
We need so pictures
5/1/2020 c5 Soobin
I love this fanfic! Keep up the amazing work!
7/12/2016 c2 Guest
This is awesome! Like the way you give details on the transformations, plus the ominous showing of the hidden Chari-tron!
(PS: could give pics of the Maximals and Predacons?)
5/25/2015 c5 39WOLFWATCHER12
That was off the hizz-ook!
5/24/2015 c1 WOLFWATCHER12
This. Is...AWESOME!
You should keep doing this story.
I would like there to be drawings based on this story.
I can't believe that Optimus Primal became a Blastoise.

I would like there to be a chapter where Dawn appears.
8/21/2014 c5 16MashupMan2100
I love this chapter as well as the entire story itself. I hope you're next story will explain how Ash and his friends got their cyber-exoskeleton suits.
2/6/2014 c4 a fan of both
was anyone else thinking of episode 59 when Chair-tron caught the missle
12/15/2013 c5 a of both
You saw that deleted scene from pokemon 2000 didn't you
11/28/2013 c5 a fan of both
That was prime!
As a life long fan of Pokemon and a diehard Transformers nut i find this story completly awesome but please finnish quest for the Dex. I want to see what Tigatron (RK-9) and Airazor look like with Pokemon modes.
In short you rule
11/23/2013 c5 scant
I love it you did an awsome job and please do more this is great!
1/2/2013 c5 1TheUltimateMediaDude
This story is AWESOMETACULAR! :-)
7/23/2011 c5 cougartail91
Another very interesting chapter also you should have used the beast wars theme song not the transformers generation one movie theme song. Also I can't wait to read the other stories that goes with this one.
7/23/2011 c4 cougartail91
another very interesting chapter
7/23/2011 c3 cougartail91
another very interesting chapter also you do known that their were two t-rex like pokemon which was rampardos and and cranidos although now that I think about it they also looked like the dinosaurs that bumps heads too.
7/23/2011 c2 cougartail91
another very interesting chapter and like I had said before if I had known that you had made this one I would have read it before the other one.
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