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11/15/2008 c1 6Skyflight Erek's Loyalty
Oh my gosh. I just found this story. It's so cute! I love it. It's going on my favorites page right now.

I realized something really weird. You have a story where Erek hsa a best friend, I have a story where Erek has a best friend, Riza-san has a story where Erek has a best friend... yet none of us could have copied (or would copy). It's just so strange that our stories are so similar like that. I guess Erek just seems the type to have a human girl for a best friend?

Anyways, great story. :D I love the end few lines.
10/28/2007 c1 9star29818
aw, so sweet!
7/5/2007 c2 11Charmed Ravenclaw
Ha ha, awe, that was cute. I dunno whether this works pasted on to the end of this story though. For one it might be a tad confusing for some people, so firstly if it's going to be attached put FLASHBACK: at the top.

Secondly, the last chapter was concluded so firmly this attachment seems weird and unflowing.

I think the best solution would be a separate fice, but hey that's just me. Good stuff.
6/17/2007 c2 critic
good, very nice, thoughtful, fine pacing, please continue, im intrigued
5/17/2007 c2 Michael
For the flag idea, they find the time matrix and... Team 1: Aximilli, Elfangor, Alloran, Jake.

Team 2: Visser 3, Visser 4, Visser 1, Random Howler


Team 1: Ellimist, Erek

Team 2: Crayak, Visser 3
5/12/2007 c1 Charmed Ravenclaw
That was cool. I never thought about the character Eric. You have just inspired me ...
3/24/2007 c1 BlackRosesofMidnight
that was great! very well written. i'd really like to see a multi-chapter fic that foccused on their friendship... think you can do that?
3/17/2007 c1 12Mrowrkat98
Amazing! :D I love this, it's so sweet! There are a few spelling mistakes, but who cares? The story is great!

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