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7/13/2009 c2 Queensarrow
Heh, After reading this I went and found a couple of

episodes of each anime. Hope you find time and inclination

to write more soon.
1/13/2009 c2 7Taeniaea
Great Story Plz Update It Soon!
3/20/2008 c2 4Blue Bragon
Wow.. this fic.. is simply incredible! Truely a master idea... I loved the fact that you made Jun use Suigin Tou... an interesting choice... as I would have expected any of the other dolls (specialy more Shinku, Hina Ichigo or Suisei Seki as tyhey had a more impact on Jun...) but oddly the fact that Jun has Suigin Tou seems fitting for this crossover..

Well please continue it...

and it going to my Favs thanks...
10/15/2007 c2 Ancient Death
Update the story, please or I'll hunt you down. :D
7/20/2007 c2 1ThePureLily
What interesting choices for a crossover! I like it so far!
7/5/2007 c2 9AznPuffyHair
Wow... this is good. And using Suigintou (or Suigin Tou, however u prefer) as the model is kind of surprising. As for the original Rozen dolls, i wonder wut u'll plan with those and if u have other Angels modeled from the Rozen Maidens. Oh, and i wonder wut happen to Juu's sister Nori.

Anyway, plz update this fic. It's something that i believe can become great and crossover stories like this is rare. ^^

6/21/2007 c2 8cmartist
A wonderfully written piece of fiction! :) I haven't really found any good Rozen Maiden fics and this crossover has definitely piqued my interest a lot. 2 chapters that are short yet structured so well that they do not feel lacking, invoking instead a longing for more rather than a 'what the? That's it?'

It's been a while since this fic has been updated relatively speaking but I believe that the best things are worth waiting for.

I eagerly await the next installment.
5/2/2007 c2 Drenivian
Nice work on the chapters. Though kind of different, the combination of these two series makes for an interesting mix.
4/20/2007 c1 YourLackOfDeletionOptionIsDumb
This is a really interesting premise, and I look forward to (eventually) reading more. Rozen Maiden and Angelic Layer are ripe for comparison and contrast.

I'm surprised that this story only has one review before mine. I hope that that doesn't discourage you from continuing it. Both Angelic Layer and Rozen Maiden are pretty tiny fandoms, with barely any decent fic available, so I would dearly love to see this story completed.

In the meantime, I think that I shall check out your Naruto story :)
3/18/2007 c1 18Saint X
Allow me to greet you in this category- welcome.

this is an interesting piece, me having watched AL and going to watch RM. i will look on towards more chapters and crossover/fusion fics, since Angelic Layer limits are endless- from RM to even Bleach- it is allowed.

though the only note i have to say that is the timing... i'm not sure if that fits in the period of the third national.

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