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1/15/2017 c27 Cotton Blossom Diva
Nooooo! This can't be the end!
10/17/2013 c27 Imarie
Please continue the story
11/24/2012 c6 Chrissy Cena
Who doesn't think ur cute?! And that chapter was cute:) Fluffy:)
11/24/2012 c4 Chrissy Cena
Yay! She said yes the first time! I know I wouldn't say NO!
11/24/2012 c3 Chrissy cena
I love me some Randy. "Be good and grow some balls." Hilarious!
11/19/2011 c27 Guest
Luv it(:
9/18/2011 c27 dizzyred2010
this is a fantastic story
7/10/2011 c27 Luv4RobPattz
I just found this story and absolutely love it! Please update it :)
1/2/2010 c27 AngelRose82
love the story!
12/13/2009 c27 Lil-Kimi124
wow that is really good. i like the photo booths idea. i hope you update the story soon.
12/8/2009 c27 Xandman216
aw...I love that he was nervous like Jeff was...and what a sweet proposal...
12/8/2009 c26 Xandman216
oh he should've known he wasn't gonna win that battle
12/8/2009 c25 Xandman216
OMG...I could SO picture that happening at the tux shop...
12/8/2009 c23 Xandman216
yeah she's definitely gonna need a vacation by the time they leave cause she's gonna be running around like a crazy woman until they leave getting everything ready
12/8/2009 c22 Xandman216
that was an AWESOME proposal!
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