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12/8/2009 c21 Xandman216
aw...he's too cute...Jenny better say YES!
12/8/2009 c27 4QueenofYourWorld
i loved the chapter please update soon
12/8/2009 c20 QueenofYourWorld
Ok i been readin along and had to review this chapter.

I laughed my butt off on this chapter:

“If I am of any assistance, I think it is a great idea!” Randy said from the chair. “Think about it, you would get to see me like everyday!”

“Randy, I don’t think that is going to help convince her to take the job.” John said laughing.

“Oh please. I would give my left kidney to spend time with myself.”

I would give my kidney to spend time with him.(drools)

ok on to read more
12/7/2009 c27 PermanentVacay
You wanted the little green button, here's your little green button! DAMN GREAT UPDATE! MORE NOW! Just kidding, but soon would be nice!
12/7/2009 c20 Xandman216
oh I think that's a good idea...
12/7/2009 c19 Xandman216
that not nice to stack his schedule...
12/7/2009 c18 Xandman216
aw...time to fire up the webcam and ichat too
12/7/2009 c17 Xandman216
aw...a little boy...too cute...he definitely has LOTS of uncles
12/7/2009 c16 Xandman216
oh bed rest sucks...but we gotta keep little Cena in there until its ready
12/7/2009 c15 Xandman216
oh I hope everything is ok
12/7/2009 c14 Xandman216
well I'm glad that was all worked out...and I can just picture Randy spitting his water all over the place.
12/7/2009 c13 Xandman216
and that's a bad thing? he may be thrilled?
12/7/2009 c12 Xandman216
well dad loves her, the family loves her...don't screw it up John
12/7/2009 c11 Xandman216
lol...a day with his family sounds like a blast
12/7/2009 c10 Xandman216
oh a trip to West Newbury sounds fun...
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