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12/7/2009 c9 Xandman216
they are so cute together...
12/7/2009 c8 Xandman216
oh she fits in REALLY well
12/7/2009 c27 justkimmy
Fantastic chapter. So glad to see this one!
12/7/2009 c27 no name
i love this story! 3 don't worry i'll always be reading : )
12/7/2009 c27 xKimberly14x
finally your back I loved this they are finally getting married.
12/7/2009 c27 5ThatGirl54
AWW! I LOVE IT! :D That was so darn cutee! I just love CJ more and more with each chapter xD It took him long enough to god damn propose! xD glad she said yes! UPDATE SOON!
12/7/2009 c27 1New Storm
YAY! I love it, I love it, I love it!
12/6/2009 c7 Xandman216
oh I think she's gonna have fun...
12/6/2009 c6 Xandman216
oh I think I like movie night
12/6/2009 c5 Xandman216
well I'm glad the date went well...guess John needs to go search for her number that Landon left...lol
12/6/2009 c4 Xandman216
well I'm glad she finally accepted his offer
12/6/2009 c3 Xandman216
wow...now he knows she's fully understands how he feels. I just love Randy bugging him...and Dave chiming in...lol
12/6/2009 c2 Xandman216
oh he better rest while he can...I have a feeling she's gonna be working him out
12/6/2009 c1 Xandman216
oh why do I think he just met Keira...lol
11/8/2009 c13 JenniferRayne
I'm really loving this story, and I totally did NOT see that comming! GREAT JOB!
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