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5/1/2007 c16 2NudeFitsLipsandPumps
Awe, this was a cute chapter. They're going to be great parents. It would be cute if they had a boy, for some reason I think it'd be cool to see how John and the baby would bond. Just my thoughts though. Update soon. :)
5/1/2007 c16 aphotshot
i can't wait for kiera to have the baby...please continue
5/1/2007 c15 20Pinayprincesa
Aw poor Ki:( Hope she and the baby will b ok
5/1/2007 c15 aphotshot
omg i hope kiera haves the baby...please continue
4/30/2007 c15 1Ctinaisfashion
premature labor sounds like. i hope not.
4/30/2007 c14 shewearsgreen
Johnny Boy is growin' up. Ain't that sweet.
4/30/2007 c14 aphotshot
great chapter...please continue
4/27/2007 c13 shewearsgreen
wohoo! baby on the way!
4/27/2007 c13 aphotshot
omg kiera is pregnant...please continue
4/26/2007 c13 20Pinayprincesa
uh oh! What is JC's reaction going 2 b?
4/26/2007 c12 Poetic Hellfire
So, i read the frist 12 chapters in a day...and i LOVE it so far.

Seriously, your doing an amazing job.

keep it up.
4/25/2007 c12 shewearsgreen
Sweet. Love your story. Keep it up.
4/22/2007 c12 Pinayprincesa
Aw JC and Ki r so Cute 2gether ^_^
4/21/2007 c11 4chaingang-princess2878
Good chapter...can't wait to read the next part...
4/19/2007 c11 7Alkira Sonoma
=DD Good story so far! Keep it going!

Alkira Sonoma
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