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2/16/2009 c1 4LeahElizabeth
Good work. What a great writer.
3/27/2007 c4 23ARomanticAtHeart
ahh, sigh, full of shippy goodness!...
3/26/2007 c4 Litepulsar
LOL at Sam being annoyed because she can't jump Jack there and then... I really loved the ending of this, so sweet!
3/25/2007 c4 70BettyHall223
Ooh. I love happy endings!
3/25/2007 c4 458LacytheSilverWolf
That was great. I can't wait till we really see them together. Great job ^_^
3/24/2007 c4 103Missing Linka
Maybe it's even sweeter than the chocolate cake Jack will eat ... and I guess Sam will be the plate ... ;-)

3/22/2007 c4 10Kat Spencer
Hannah! What a truly lovely story, thank you so much for sharing. I have tried to review this fic from chapter one, but ahh, it just wasn't working out with this computer...anyway! WONDERFUL angst/sappy/happy kinda fic you gave us. I like the last two sentences best:

Sam and Jack took each other’s hands, and proceeded down the aisle to their future.


I thought that was the best part! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see what you have come up with next! (And this is a little hard for me to do seeing as you are an HHr shipper in your other fandom (I ship RHr) but you are SO going on my fav. authors list!)
3/22/2007 c4 12Starlover1990
aw sweet .loved it:) :D**Loves fluff**
3/22/2007 c4 37Aria-wolfstar
aw, happy ending? Or was it the ending? There must be honeymoon?

Good job,

3/22/2007 c3 Aria-wolfstar
cute ^_^
3/22/2007 c2 Aria-wolfstar
adorable :D
3/22/2007 c4 user2908637560
I like the last option (Sam O'Neill, no hyphenating and no not-taking Jack's name) the best.

loved it, great job!
3/22/2007 c4 Verity Kindle
“Sam? Are you ready?” Cassie comes out of the bathroom, her makeup applied and hair done. She looks beautiful and so grown up. Still in her jeans, she’s waiting until later to change."

Ok, the tense changes are confusing for this reader- I would pick one tense, like present perfect (she is looking away) or past (she looked away) and stick with it. = )
3/22/2007 c4 Ilovesg1
Very nice...not to sappy, a little angst but resolution.
3/21/2007 c3 10Claraon
keep on it's fresh and fun
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