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12/24/2023 c30 3Matthias the Wanderer
Damn. You know, I check this site so infrequently these days that I actually missed the last few updates, so it’s been a long time since I’ve read this. Honestly? As much as I enjoy this story, your latest chapters show strong improvement, especially that last omake. That might actually be THE best character writing for Sarutobi that I’ve ever seen. I was glad to see that the story had been updated recently, but now I’m STOKED to know that this is continuing.
12/1/2023 c30 efrye.frye
I really hope you are still working on this masterpiece. easily one of the top fanfics of all time
11/4/2023 c30 SGKaisa
Bit rough in the early chapters with all the long AN's but certainly an enjoyable fic overall.

looking forward to more
9/12/2023 c3 Dominator1214
if it weren't for the stupid AN's I would still read this
9/2/2023 c30 2Night after morning
interesting read pretty good if I had to say
7/4/2023 c10 Aetherium21
Lot of words for a story to read like a crack fic
5/21/2023 c30 4Monster King
Awesome work
3/26/2023 c30 codywhite162
Excellent chapter! Looking forward to the next one
3/1/2023 c30 1Jpx0999
at least this explain the reasons why sarutobi dint do what he wanted... and beat up everyone who abused the boy... i am adhering this explanation on my headcannon
2/24/2023 c30 Paul Lenzen
This is damn good and I hope it gets updated soon
2/4/2023 c19 Shadeymankey
Sorry I don’t believe Naruto wouldn’t have killed Neji before allowing his chibi to be this injured. Total suspension of disbelief
1/13/2023 c30 14Kilo.Beta
thank you for the update. please keep this going. i always repeat the Bacon scene after the invasion to cheer my wife up.
1/9/2023 c30 Urgazhi
Wow. Binged this over the past day or so. Fantastic stuff.
1/7/2023 c30 15Leaf Ranger
So overall, quite an interesting chapter. I strongly disagree with the second omake because Konoha, being a mercenary military village, cannot operate in that way (no military leader could be that weak and powerless in what is essentially a military state, and only in a Republic or Democracy could he be handicapped so badly. Which again, Konoha is not since the people don't elect anyone except maybe a civilian council that represents, to the military leadership, their concerns and nothing more. And the leadership is chosen mostly by the previous leader or the other major power of the land, the daimyo.)

But other then that, interesting. I wonder how naruto could operate in such a matter, where his brain is seemingly incapable of giving output despite him obviously operating to the degree he is. quite a mystery indeed. We'll have to see what happens down the line, won't we?
1/1/2023 c30 Scarease
Well could Naruto use is chakra pathway to surcome vent Nero-pathway in brain instead ?
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