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for Naruto of the Nine Tails

10/1 c29 Zeke Hooper
good story. wanted to find out if Naruto changed back.
9/24 c29 4iacopo.passerini
Complimenti storia interresante
9/21 c29 Darth Tenibris2
Thank fucking god Naruto doesn't belong to you, no one cares about you. No one to read garbage OC is fucking stupid Go fuck yourself you parasite.
8/31 c6 Guest
When i read the bangbangbang, my mind instantly thought of the kitchen gun commerical."and the dirt is gone"
8/21 c2 NaruCrazy
So Naruto lost control and Hiruzen put him on display like a zoo animal?
8/14 c29 15Leaf Ranger
Oh that was so hilarious. I find it hilarious jsut how easily Tobi fitted into the madness without really having to alter him. And Kisame playing Liara's dice with Tsunade? Nice.

Great chapter, welcome back.
8/13 c29 13Fencer22
Well now, that’s not something I expected to see more of but all the more delightful for it! Danger floof is now my latest favorite phrase.
8/11 c29 AkReaper
nice update man, thought the story was abandoned. Thanks for continuing the story.
8/8 c29 IronDruid93
Oh god do I love good boy Tobi in this chapter!
8/7 c29 gamer479
thank you for not abandoning this fic. It is truly a stand-out work and I hope to witness more of it. Thank You
8/6 c29 5cratbro
Thank you for coming back to this
8/5 c29 1WarKnyte
Ha! Lovely to read this again! Poor Tsunade trying to wrap her mind around your demented genius.
8/3 c29 HurZysn
Man, I have a regular store in a long time. had to go back and reread it. thank you for the update
8/3 c29 4Flameraven
Well this as a fun romp down memory lane. Oddly I only remembered this was the hunted MP3 player fic. Well Tobi was quite the character here, why he didn't just snatch Nartuo during Tag...

Good to see you again.
8/3 c22 football78
Ooh is Naruto turning golden
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