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2/16/2009 c8 Brouche
10/25/2008 c8 namie-chan
please continue!
1/18/2008 c2 3MiOttah
^.^ I'm alive!

Can you keep up? lol
1/1/2008 c8 Yuti-Chan
Your story is great, please update soon!
7/9/2007 c8 3XDarkestAngelX
HAhhahhahahahahahahh!lol!this is awesome!update soon!
5/25/2007 c8 1astronomicalllll
Aww, you changed the name? Well it's still awesome!
5/24/2007 c1 2Ensatsu Kokuryuu
Heh. This is interesting and original for that matter...Which can be rare in the canon characterxOC department. Anyway, 'tis a good start. ^^ The Charmayne vs. Shadou was funny, and your character has already displayed some foibles, making her more believable and likable. The Shichinintai appear to be in character too, though it's hard to tell as of yet.

Anyway, nice job. *shall continue on with the next chapter*

4/29/2007 c7 chelly
hey girl im sorry i havent reviewed in a while but great chapters as always

love ya
4/24/2007 c7 NayNaybby
oh u chnaged the name and strated over i was wondering why the story had dissapered well i just got my computer back up runnin had a virus or else i would have reviewed sooner ya know the deal update soon much luv

4/6/2007 c5 9Mystic Blaze
ah, he a freak girl updat soon great chapter!
4/5/2007 c5 Ankoyu
Um, my sister's busy, and -I mean busy with the doggy- at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep. *beep*
3/29/2007 c1 12Ryuchi-The Gothic Skater Punk
Hey I used your ideas in The End of Shippo 8
3/28/2007 c4 1MiScHiEvOuS BuTtErFlY
O, I wonder what bankotsu is going to do...update soon!
3/28/2007 c4 Shade
I'ma comin'. Just give me- *sudden pause to catch breath*...Just give me a few more minutes. I'm using my beezy up right now.
3/27/2007 c3 The Lost And Broken Butterfly
Hi there! This chapter is really good too! Update soon!
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