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for Kingdom Hearts: Hearts of Hopes and Dreams Part 1

1/27/2009 c12 raziel
ha now i remember. awsome
1/10/2009 c26 raziel
way to end with a bang... lol literally. boom goes the worm. .
1/10/2009 c23 raziel
its Axel! please be Axel
1/9/2009 c21 raziel
ok... im the bigest FF7 fan alive. sorry if i sound like an ass. Tifa is spelled with one T, the fire furred dogs name is Nanaki AKA Red XI Areth is spelled Aerith the cats name is Cait Sith, also, the big black guys name is Barrit. ok that is all.
1/7/2009 c20 Raziel
Ha! figured it out..

ooh! that was slightly steamy . lol
2/5/2008 c26 8Smiley Smackdown
-_-does this mean there's gonna be a sequel?-_-
2/3/2008 c23 Smiley Smackdown
-_-yay, axel! please update soon!-_-
1/18/2008 c22 Smiley Smackdown
-_-please, please, please update soon! i luvers this SUPER much!-_-
12/18/2007 c21 Smiley Smackdown
-_-*GASP* only 16 reviews? after 21 chapters of pure aesomeness? what kind of a sick joke is that? you need more reviewers, you deserve at least 50! or more! anyways, please update soon, this rox my sox!-_-
12/8/2007 c20 Smiley Smackdown
-_-YAY! new people, new people! !_! keep up the awesome-ness!-_-
12/3/2007 c19 Smiley Smackdown
-_-... interesting... celeron's got a soft spot! please update soon!-_-
11/30/2007 c18 Smiley Smackdown
-_-wow! this keeps getting bettererer and bettererer! please update soon!-_-
10/26/2007 c4 11Lebrezie
oh. mysterious. gosh those people...i cant even pronounce their names. are they made up characters?

ew. burnt fish. i cant even eat cooked fish. oh well whatever you can get i guess...

anyway good job and next chapter time!
10/11/2007 c3 Lebrezie

that guy kinda creped me out tho.

but i think the girl was Tifa!

ep Tifa...haha and Riku likes her. and her wings...possible angel, possible devil. haha nice.

so...i think that Roxas and Namine need to come back or they need to find an excuse to be in the story, i miss them.

oh oh and what is your opinion on ven, hehe i have been asking everyone that.

well i want to read more, so maybe tomorrow...i got lots of hw, sorry.

bye and good chapter! :)
9/28/2007 c2 Lebrezie
ohh foretelling nice.

ok my all time favorite line: 'Sora continued to cry out, hoping beyond hope that someone would hear him' it is just so powerful.

hehe when Kairi went to get 'burnable objects' lets hope she came back with just wood and not sometime else like text books or plastic. hehe.

ok well i want to keep reading, but it is late and i have to get up early tomorrow. so i will come back soon.

thanks for writing this story, it seems like it will be suspenseful in future chapters, and it is already interesting.

bye. Lebrezie. (weird i usually never sign my name at the end of reviews, oh well this one just must be extra special)
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