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11/10/2015 c5 TheTrueLunarHuntress
I knew he wouldn't buy it! Please continue!
4/2/2009 c5 4Honeybeebee
someone's got a crush.. hope you update soon!
6/23/2008 c4 2Burlesque Romantique
This is so funny, please continue!
3/17/2008 c3 5CoHeeD17
Please write a new chapter! I'm dying to read this all the way through!
5/7/2007 c3 ceb
The story is good so far but i was hoping in chapter 3 zelda and link would make the cards already and send them. I'd really like if you would write the date part sort of like they did on the episode on avatar with the characters all having stories. Maybe? Will you please have Impa and Ganondorf kiss in this please? x3
5/5/2007 c3 21hamxham
woot! this is an awesome story! plz continue!
5/5/2007 c3 Kayla
Hahaha, this is really funny. However, in my opinion, I think you should continue the humourous madness by raising the bar a little in your plot. I mean, you have a good idea here, and I see so many opportunities you can use in order to go beyond what you have. I'm not saying it's bad, however, I would hate to see a good idea turn into a predictable story. Right now, that's the direction your story is going. To save yourself from such a fate, I suggest brain-storming unique and interesting antics that can happen in the events leading up to your rising action (I'm guessing that would be the part when Zelda forges each Valentine under Impa's and Ganon's name). I don't know,

Overall, I think the whole thing is pretty hilarious. The humor is fresh, and the dialogue is quite comical as well. Especially when Link was on a sugar high from the chocolate Zelda gave him.

I do not mean to sound mean or cutting towards your writing material. I seriously mean no harm, I am just trying to give you some honest feedback so that perhaps when you are editing or writing your chapters, you could keep this in mind.

I will comment slightly on some of the confusion with your present and past tenses your chapters. For an example, if you write: "Link sighs" instead of "Link sighed," it just confuses things. You should distinguish between when you use present tense and when you use past tense. Don't worry, these little writing skills come with time. Keep practising, and I'm sure you'll be polished soon enough. It took me years before I learned all the do's and don'ts too, and I've been writing since I was 12. I'm 16 now. ^^

Don't give up yet! You've just begun! Please continue! And hopefully, you'll take what I've said into consideration and not get offended.

Happy writing,

4/30/2007 c2 CB
OMG this is so great x3 Please tell me your going to make chapter 3 and maybe more! I think this is such a great story, I love how the characters act and respond. This is such a genius story.
4/9/2007 c2 23How Like a Winter
I love it! I can't wait to see what happens, LOL. Please update soon!
3/20/2007 c2 Serebellum
LOL, this is so cute.

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