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11/14/2015 c4 1Greywolf101
Are u going to do more? I really like it
10/6/2014 c4 7kataangfan1999
can you please finish this, I know you wrote it a few years ago but I wanna know whats next!
7/17/2013 c3 Jess
I think this is well written, but it seems a little over done in the violent/torture department. Also it's not very plausible that Aang would just sit there and take this because Aang can blow a strong at his enemies. Also the moment he was in that much pain, he would have gone into the Avatar state.
7/8/2013 c4 2CloudMinded013
Please update a soon as you can! I can't wait any longer!
7/8/2013 c3 CloudMinded013
God that hurts! :'( Poor Aang!
4/20/2013 c4 anonimo
please , pleasse , please update and follow this story is very good and not think it's the only one I love to please! :) want to know what else will torture aang
4/20/2013 c3 invitado
pobre aang , no se porque pero aunque yo lo amo adoro su tortura , soy una maldita :)
9/25/2010 c4 Luke206
You haven't updated in over three years, come on.
9/25/2010 c4 Luke206
You haven't updated in over three years, come on.
8/20/2010 c4 Luke206
This is a great story. Remind me when the next chapter is up. Oh, I was wandering if you, or someone else could write a story about Aang as Michael Jackson since he is a very talented pop dancer.
7/31/2010 c4 SarromeMithe
It's great, but aren't you gunna finish it?
7/19/2010 c4 Gozer1984
Please update this, I want to see what happens to Aang and what other types of torture he will go through.
2/13/2009 c1 Nicole
-.-'' hate those stories without an end. And it's 2 years since you updated it..;( Think I must dream an ending tonight.
10/1/2008 c4 10Fansquee
Fantastic writing and expecially on the dynamics of torture.

A brilliant book on the subject is called 'American Torture: From the Cold War to Abu Ghraib and Beyond' by Michael Otterman, shows how fragile the human mind can be when placed into the hands of mad men.

Can't wait until you update.
8/18/2008 c4 Crazy for Avatar
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