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8/10/2008 c4 2darkness in light54
7/9/2008 c4 1Waterbendur11
wow is all i can say, i absolutely love it! this is probably the greatest avatar fic ive ever read, no joke, your ability to keep the characters true to their um, characters is astonishing especially in the situations you put them in, like with Aang the way he gets angry down to every last word, i can SEE IT in my head, all of Tophs wisdom and her complete and total un-biased point of view is realy well portrayed in the story, Character development is always my favorite part of any story and im not usually a big guy on plot so much, so this psychological thrill ride is like perfect!

did i mention how much i love Azula in this, i mean, shes my favorite character on the show by far (probably tied with katara just cause katara is awesome at water bending haha) and i love her for her totaly sadistic arogance and the way she just over powers anyone in the room just with the looks she gives even the avatar! I love this, please keep it up!
5/7/2008 c4 SparkzLight
NO Aang! *shudders slightly.

Continue PLZ!
3/28/2008 c3 9Kenwoody
You need to get back on and finish this, and AKaaP (Aang, Katara, and a Plan)! I read both of these and fall in love with both of them, then I find out they're not done, plus I find out you haven't updated since 2007. I swear, if you don't start back up again soon, I am going to do something very drastic and possibly illegal in some obscure state, like Missouri. Just kidding, but still, update NOW!
3/25/2008 c4 Kenwoody
You need to continue this! I'm on the edge of my seat, dying to find out wha happens to Aang, then there isn't any more, plus you haven't written since early 2007, now it's early 2008! Write more, otherwise some one is going to have to go to your house and tie you to a chair and put you in front of your comp. and just say "write!"
2/7/2008 c4 6Sifu Blind Bandit
PLEASE KEEP WRITING. I love this story.I have never seen a better story
12/30/2007 c4 Black Sun
It was so cool i loved it you have a great story line. Are you ever going to continue it? it is so good
11/17/2007 c4 6Quasi-Verbatim
uhm,scratch my last message because it seems that you already have i feel stupid...i love the story though =)
10/10/2007 c1 79Liselle129
Sorry, this has nothing to do with the story, but I'm not sure how else to reach you.

It's nice to know that I've probably wasted hours of my life over the past year writing lengthy PMs to you that you never received. I'm not mad, but I really hope you send me a valid email (my address is linked in my profile) so that I can fully address you in the future. I wouldn't mind discussing Season 3 episodes with you, for example. It seems our views of episodes 1 and 3 are almost opposite, although we clearly agree on 2. What Kataanger wouldn't?

Anyway, I just don't think it's fair to my other readers to take up half a page in my chapter updates answering your questions and comments, when it's always been my policy to do such things privately, limiting my review responses in the text to about four lines. This is especially true when your comments don't directly relate to what I've written.

I hope you understand.

I do appreciate your thoughtful reviews and just wish for the opportunity to respond in kind.
9/6/2007 c1 16nutshak
Dude! good as man! i love it! i have never read about aang being torchured before. you write good as! comon make the next chapter, for me? well not for me but for all the people who love this fantabulouse fanfic. hey, do you reckon aangs tattos could come off if some one cut him really deep?
9/5/2007 c4 4TheForeverLazyOne
please, please update soon. and as for my guess, i say Azula is trying to turn Aang into a cold-hearted killer and to make him loose his heart.
8/9/2007 c4 5Alieraisu
I think Azula's plot is pretty simple actually. You mentioned that torture serves to break down and old personality and instill a new one. Azula derives all her sick pleasure from that kind of stuff. So what better enjoyment for her than to change the peaceful Aang into something violent and willing to kill without a second thought. Through torture, Azula intends to make Aang bitter and violent so as to mold his personality in the shape of her own. great story. update soon!
7/24/2007 c4 AvatarAppa
You should continue this! I really love it.
6/28/2007 c4 loser among losers
well i must say ive never read any other avatar fic like this before...its vary good :) sure you may be hurtingaang but its defiantly Original. but i must say i like this fic alote, i cant wait to see what happens next.

keep up the great work :D...azula is so Psychotically Disturbed, and i love it! XD
5/16/2007 c4 akirethe12th-to-last-airbender
I have to say, this has to be one of the best Avatar stories I have ever read in my natural-born-life. Simply incredible. And I'm happy you updated, I was checking ALL THE TIME. Update soon!
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