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5/15/2007 c4 hyper bluetara fan
I like, so love it! But, it's kind of too brutal. Oh, and a request: Please let zuko(Blue Spirit) save Aang. pretty Please!
5/11/2007 c4 120ForeverLilacLies
it gives me goose bumps will Zuko be in it? I love your story keep going I beg you!
5/9/2007 c4 just another satisfied reader
Well, all that i can say is good job, the like the direction you are going and hope that it perseveres in that way. I am wholeheartedly anticipating another chapter to continue this epic tale that is destined to be a FanFiction classic!
5/4/2007 c4 blAIRbender
4/12/2007 c4 15klainelynch
Wow, this is really scarry, but in a good way (if that makes sense). Please write more!
4/6/2007 c4 FrenchFan
Hey !

That's such a good story you've got here. The whole torture thing... I like it... Nope I'm not a sadistic... It just seems more... real this way. I couldn't help but review... Just to be sure you'll update soon... (I don't really see how I could help by writing a review... Whatever..)

So you're asking about what Azula's plan could be right ? Well, since I just began to look at the show, i'm not really an expert (you see I'm French and I only saw one of the last episode episode of the season one. Then the show just vanished from the tv... Now I'm looking at it in English without subtitles... And... I'm not really sure that I understand everything ^^# And even if I do, I'm only at the 7th episode).

However I arrived to the conclusion that Aang goes in this Avatar State when he is angry... And it seems pretty clear that Azula is trying to get him angry... So, even if one yet said so, I think that Azula is trying to put him in this Avatar State... I which purpose ? I don't have any clues since I didn't meet Azula's character yet ^^#

But I'd say that there is a lot of possible reason for a maniac as Azula to do so (assuming of course that she wants Aang to get in this destroying state). Maybe she wants to kill her father and became the absolute queen of the world. That would be good even if it's just a typic scheme of the power-thirsty maniac but it seems impossible seeing how she wants to please her father. Hmm... She could also... hmm... Well I really don't know ^^#

Just update soon. So we finally know what this is about... Please *puppy eyes*

Continu comme ├ža

FrenchFan ;)

PS : I'm hoping that you understood what I was trying to say... But seeing how French speaking person don't understand my explanation in French... I doubt you did...
3/26/2007 c4 15Kattebutt
MAN THIS IS LIKE THE TOTALLY GREATEST, COOLEST, SADDEST, MOST IXCITING AND AWESOME AND ANGSTY AND VIOLENT STORY I HAVE EVER READ! Please make Katara save Aang... Please make Aang survive (if only barely)...Please make Azula regret...Please make Aang take revenge... Please make a group hug... Please dont make Azula cut more in Aangs awesome cool tattos... Please make Aang kill more(am i insane or what?)... AND PLEASE CONTINUE! Sorry if the review is long but i have so much to say and i only said the least of it... THIS STORY IS JUST SO AWESOME! Fav AND alerts! Hope you have made more stories than this... Please, please, please continue..
3/25/2007 c4 5Lovii
Wow.. It's really.. hmm, I don't find the right word..

But I liked(loved) it.

And I have no clue what Azula plan is..

Continue SOON, for us ^^
3/21/2007 c4 Loupami
Wow good chappy. It's very hard for me to keep reading this kind of stuff as I am such a big fan of Aang, but i do anyway because it's so good! (what are ya doin to me?) I await the more pronounced change of Aang's character (the journey to it will be gruesome I'm guessing). Will his attitude be like the when he lost Appa in the or more drastic?
3/21/2007 c4 29nooneheretowrite
*deep in thought* hm...

Azula's plan is:

To torture Aang as long as possible and make him think that he's been in the prison like for years or something and that they won the war. And Aang would be mentally and phcologically damaged even more?

I don't know!
3/21/2007 c4 4KrystalFruit22
Yey, you're still alive! I was starting to get worried. I have no clue as to what Azula's plan is, I guess I'll just have to wait and see. How long are you planning on making this by the way? Update soon!
3/21/2007 c4 17FairyGardenCorgis
Yay! I'm so glad you turned this into it's own fic. Instant favs. And thanks for answering my question. I think it's cool how you're using '24' to help you with this, but those kinds of shows just aren't my style. I had a hard time sitting through CSI with my cousins who all love those kind of shows. Then again, they're all older than me too, so...I'm getting off track. Total awesomeness! Bring on the torture! Update soon!
3/21/2007 c4 78Liselle129
Well, my son's finally out of the hospital, so here I am. I'm only about a third of the way through the new chapter of Destiny's Call though. I'm thinking there's going to be a huge action scene in it, so it might take some time to complete.

But enough about me. Unfortunately, all your past reviews seem to have disappeared, so I can't read the sentences you recommended, unless there's a way of getting them through my profile. Anyway, Azula's obviously trying to break Aang for some reason. It could just be her own pleasure, of course. Maybe Azula wants to re-activate the Avatar State so she can kill him in it and break the Avatar cycle for good? It's farfetched, but that's what I've got at the moment.
3/21/2007 c4 7J Luc Pitard
Nice writing. Pity Zuko's out of the action, but he doesn't seem to fit as yet anyway. I'd hazard a guess that she's trying to break him so she can use him against her father? She probably knows he can't go Avatar, possibly since he hasn't in their battles after Ba Sing Se? That being the case, she wants to break down his pacifism and make him into a killer she can use.
3/20/2007 c4 9frozenheat
Very good chapter, not much for me to comment on and I can't really figure out what Azula's plan is. Glad that you updated, it was a very interesting chapter and I'm sure the next one will be just as good!
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