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3/20/2007 c4 20nyc2dragon
Interesting story. I like to take a guess on Azula's plan. She was to turn Aang into a cold blooded killing machine, and use him for her own gain. We all Azula uses people as weapons, what better weapon than the Avatar.
3/20/2007 c4 4C.Lovebug
wow that is so nice.i'm sure i've reviewed sure can write an evil Azula part that;s for sure.Chapter 3 was really nice but not disturbing at all.i've seen a lot of disgusting things on t.v,so it's normal.but i hate azula now that she ruined his perfect arrow!lol.

if i was in sokka's place,i would have some guilt cause he didn't really force him to not go.i guess cause he knew he loved katara,so he let him go.really nice story!i love your writing style.up-date soon!
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