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1/3/2012 c2 1Hanasaku
Well this was an interesting read, considering I am Chinese myself. Although frankly, as the World's 2nd Greatest Detective, I think you should give Nightwing more credit ;p
8/24/2009 c2 1kathy lee skyler
No Tim? :( But, what about Tim and Dick's 'brotherly bond'?
2/11/2008 c2 tOrA9223
Its really good! Please update!
1/13/2008 c1 1Lily Knotwise
I'm reviewing 'cause I want to click "Add author to my Favorite Authors list" and "Add author to my Author Alert list" in one go. Wow I'm lazy. LOVE YEAH LINZ.
11/9/2007 c2 6TheLon3Wolf8986
you know all this time it seems that i never reviewed this chapter, well lets see i think that it was very well written and that it reall seems to be going somewhere, so... when is the next xhappie going up? let me know kay.. bye!
5/8/2007 c1 Arcade
Gripping, totally believable. I cant wait to find out where you take this storyline. (A little character discription would be great, you know, for us noob's)
4/18/2007 c2 2Texas Chigger
Wow, this story really got off to a quick start! I can't wait to see how they deal with this mess and then dish out punishment to the mastermind(s). :)

I don't know how much you want in the realm of constructive criticism, but there were several typoes that kind of broke up the mood of the story - they're the kind that spellcheck can't find. ^_^

Good luck with exams. :)
4/8/2007 c1 ParfaitKiwi
Lurve it :)
4/7/2007 c2 dolphin243
The story was very good. You write really well. It was action packed and intresting. I didn't know the characters that much cause I don't really know them but overall it was excellent and I enjoyed it a lot. ^_^
4/7/2007 c2 Lil' Kanny

Good start with this fic. I'm very curious about what's going to happen next. I can't wait too much to know, so... update soon!

Keep it up, you are doing a good work.

4/7/2007 c2 ItzAGoodThing
Another fantastic chapter. I look forward to the next update and I'll spread the word and see if I can't get you some more reviewers.

~The Giggler
4/7/2007 c1 ItzAGoodThing
Absofrickinlutely FANTASTIC!

Way to go, Sparky! I'm so proud of you! This is incredible, oh and this part had me laughing out loud...

Changeling of course heading for the bathroom. Cyborg had never, and will never forgive him for the time he had to go in the original T-Jet. -The bathroom hadn’t been built yet.

Love Cyborg and BB's friendship
4/6/2007 c2 9State of Matter
Awesome chapter! The scene in set and I can't wait for the next chapter!
3/23/2007 c1 6TheLon3Wolf8986
Very good, cant wait for the next one. Oh and your creative license has been reinstated for quite a while now!
3/22/2007 c1 9State of Matter
This chapter was awesome! Kinda sad with the whole little girl think but I think this has a lot of potential. I'll be waiting for the update!

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