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2/8 c3 JAY
I love this fanfic it's so good 10 out of 10 recommend
7/1/2021 c3 Guest
I want to know the pen name
5/14/2020 c3 6animexwonder
Hi, may I know the pen name? this story is so good!
2/20/2019 c3 Syana94
Hi,Can you please tell your new pen name?:D
1/29/2016 c2 Guest
1/4/2008 c3 1Allysarus
good story! ACK! Poor Kyou! Please tell me the pen name! Thanks.
6/11/2007 c3 1DeadChick57
Hi, um could you tell me what your new account is? I love this story and would love to find out what happens next. Kyo don't die!
6/10/2007 c3 Rem10124
this is a good story!

what's your other pen name

i really want to read it!
6/9/2007 c3 2Elyon Tama
Aw I wanna know what ur other pen name is. I wanna see ch3! T^T
6/9/2007 c3 27NoShoesNoShirtNoSheldon
Hi, love the story! Can you tell me the pen name so I can read?
6/5/2007 c2 2field of ash roses
Ah, the story was simply amazing i can not wait for the next chapter to come out.
5/6/2007 c2 9XAMAYA-CHANX
Kyou-kun! *dies* XP Just kidding. Oh wow. The suspense is killing me. Will you be alright, Kyou-kun? Kyo? Can you hear me?...WAHH! NO! *dies again* Just kidding. Yuki-san, you're so kawaii! His thoughts are just too cute. He's so worried about Kyo right now. Very detailed and vivid. :D Do you revise your chapters? I noticed a few minor errors. Nothing huge. Just like instead of "up" you typed "um" and little errors like that. ^^; Make sure you revise your chapters several times. Despite that, great chapter! Can't wait until you update! :D
5/6/2007 c1 XAMAYA-CHANX
Your style of writing doesn't stop me from reading your yaoi fic. :D Kyo-kun, please don't die on me! *cries* Damn delinquents picking on Tohru and Kyo! *shakes fist* I really respect them both. Hehe. That's why. ^^; Damn cliffy. But I can always read the next chappie. *wink* I really enjoyed reading your fic. Yup. Very much. *nod* And I don't mind yaoi or yuri at all. It's so cute how Yuki cares for Kyo. *blush*
5/4/2007 c2 1princess-cutiepie-89
OMG! I'm so worried for kyo and of course he'll make it through the night. its is getting better and better too and one thing i must say is that ur an excellent writer.
4/30/2007 c2 lifeworthliving.bestliveddead
Love it!
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