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for Tales of The Cosmic War Vol 1: A Hero's Evolution

10/4/2022 c62 68Sovereign64
Well, that was a long and satisfying final chapter to the first volume of your series. Although the battle is won, Craft and the forces of Zeon will never give up and they will be back to fight another day.

But until then, it seems Brad survives from his injuries after all and he and Lacus are still a couple it seems. I still feel sorry for Ben for having to deal with the fact that Lacus would still side with Brad after all this time. But for now, he can happy that he has earn the respect and admiration for all the heroes such as Cloud, Link, Mario, Kirby, Sonic, Samus, X, Zero, etc. You deserve it, my friend.

And even better, Ben, Lacus, Luke, Guy, Vaan, Tidus, Yuna, Colette, Lloyd, Genis and many others finally earn their rightful titles as Enji Knights for their actions during the battle of Corneria and the defeat of Xehamaru. Congratulations!

Too bad Brad did not get the title along with the others. And it's even more uncomfortable to see that he thinks everyone in the world is against him including Lacus's father because of this rejection. Something tells me he will continue walking down this path until he just becomes mentally insane, and that would be a huge dilemma in the relationship between him and Ben.

And it seems although they lost the battle, the villains are quick to lick their wounds as they finally found...Chaos Zannacross Necron! And he definitely has Sauron vibes by taking the form of a gigantic fiery eye. I can definitely tell now that they have this evil overlord commanding them, they will be an even bigger force to be reckon with, and that really scares me.

But until then, it's nice to see Ben and his friends bidding their farewells to the other heroes. And although Polaris is going to jail, at least she managed to redeem herself in the eyes of Ben and the other heroes. And with that, the story ends and the heroes can rest...for now.

Oh, and judging by those lines that serve as a sneak preview to volume two...hmm...I can already guess which lines may belonged to Brad and Lacus, judging that how Brad has grown a grudge towards Mario, Link and the other heroes in this final chapter, as well as Lacus's continued loyalty towards Brad even after everything he did. And I can definitely tell the second last and last lines belonged to Chaos Zannacross Necron and Ben Auro respectively. And...I'll see if I'm right when I eventually get to reading the next volume.

Overrall, great job with this story! Even though it took me a while to read some of these chapters due to their length, I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into writing this story. I really like Ben Auro, Doug, James and Lacus Raystar as characters due to the complexity you added to them, and the fight scenes and action set pieces are pretty spectacular. And I'm curious to see what is going to happen next in the second volume. So until next time, keep up the good work. :)
9/18/2022 c61 Sovereign64
That was a long and intense battle, but I'm glad that Ben and his allies managed to defeat Xehamaru at last. Nice to see Lacus back in action, and rest in peace, Magneto. You died as a hero, and your sacrifice was not in vain.

However, despite Xehamaru's defeat and demise, and the battle of Corneria finally over, this will not be the last we see of Ganondorf, Nightmare, Sigma and the other villains, and there is a far greater villain out there waiting to challenge Ben Auro...

Great chapter!
9/5/2022 c60 Sovereign64
Great chapter. Now that the three Lylat Gods have been summoned, let’s see if they can turn the tide of this battle by defeating Sigma and Ganon for good. Also, I love Magneto now being conflicted and must decide whether he should trust the Enji Knights or continue siding with Xehamaru. I hope he takes Polaris, Cyclops, and Wolverine’s advice.

Also, the fight between Ben and Xehamaru is heating up as despite Ben’s new power, Xehamaru is still proving to be a challenge for him. But suddenly, Ben unleashes his senkai and it looks awesome. And it definitely reminds me of Cloud’s Omnislash Version 5 attack in Advent Children. :D

Also, just wondering, what did Mario stated after Sonic says, ‘Otherwise you’re going to be in worse shape than us!’? I think there is some missing dialogue.

Samus is right. Ben has certainly come a long way. Atem is saved and Ben has seemingly defeated Xehamaru in his new form. But just when we thought Xehamaru is truly defeated, he manages to put up a defense barrier at the last minute and comes out from his old body that has been decimated. Luckily, Kira and Myers arrived in time to warn Ben and the others about Xehamaru’s true intentions, and Craft finally realized he has been used as a tool all along.

Thankfully, Kira kept Xehamaru’s mouth shut with his Grand Ethereal Strike and we thought this is the end of him. But as our heroes depart, he still manages to survive and…he and Ravxen finally meet each other. And after learning who he is, Xehamaru hands him the key fragment and Ravxen has given him a brand new form to essentially keep him alive. It looks like this won’t be the last we see of Xehamaru after all. And I’m guessing that despite Xehamaru getting to live another day, he himself has become a tool to Ravxen (Similar to Skeletor becoming a tool to Hordak in Masters of the Universe), and if my theory is true, that would be a perfect metaphor for Xehamaru after using Craft as his tool.

Anyways, I’m glad to see Lacus returning to normal. But I was right as Xehamaru is back again for one more round with Ben and the other Enji Knights. And looks like Sigma, Genesis, Vile and Ganondorf has joined the fight too. Looks like this is the final battle. Let’s hope the combined efforts of Ben, Squad 7, Kira, Myers, and the other heroes can take them all down.
8/26/2022 c59 Sovereign64
I love the reference to Snakes on a Plane.

Anyways, I'm surprised how much Brad overwhelms Xehamaru in terms of strength and power...for a while until Xehamaru manages to outwit him by turning him into a statue.

What also intrigues me is that we finally get to see Lacus's dark past. Man, I can't help but feel sorry for her, being unable to control her power at the time that it destroyed her classroom during her childhood. And it turns out her secret is even more messed up because it is revealed she has someone, or something sinister inside her body the whole time that it even manages to attack both Ben and Xehamaru. But again, Xehamaru manages to outwit her as he turns her into a trophy. I hope she will be freed soon.

And perhaps so as Brad manages to break out of Xehamaru's stone spell. Man, his strength really has no limits. At this point, he makes Thanos look like a wuss. But despite going full blown Vegeta Ape form, Xehamaru STILL manages to overcome him as his regeneration skills and true form are incredible! And despite not growing into the same size as Brad, he makes use of his agility off Brad's hand and possibly finishing him for good. As much as I didn't like Brad, there was a really brutal way for him to go out on.

And just when I thought Ben is no match for Xehamaru at this point, thankfully he managed to unlock the true power of his Star Sword which is...a Bankai! And man, his weapon's ultimate power is incredible! Let's hope he can finally defeat Xehamaru and rescue Lacus. Great chapter!
8/24/2022 c3 4Essteka
It took me a really long time to get around and read this chapter. There are several reasons for that: I was distracted by other stuff happening in my life, but also because, given how hard it was for me read the first two chapters, I figured this chapter would be hard to go through because of the way it is written.

Anyway, regarding this chapter, off the top of my head, I would say that I was not the biggest fan of Brad. To me, he was just a typical uninteresting bully. I'm not against having a bully in this story, but unlike Biff Tannen or Nelson Muntz, he was not a fun bully to witness in action. Maybe he becomes more interesting in later chapters, but right now, he did not leave a good impression to me as a character. It's not helped by his rather repetitive dialogues. Seriously, I feel most of what he says to Ben could be summed up as "You're so weak and puny, so you don't stand a chance against someone as strong and awesome as I am!"

I enjoyed the talk between Cloud and Tifa. Which is a bit weird given I still haven't played FFVII, and yet I do have a little bit of familiarity with them because of iconic they are among gamers. I was surprised to see Minato Namikaze being mentioned to still be alive in this chapter, only to be killed by an explosion. This in turn makes me wonder how old Naruto is supposed to be in this story as of the time of this chapter (if he does exist that is). But the biggest surprise was the inclusion of Morbo. When he said "Back to you with the weather Linda!", that was hands down the best joke in these three chapters so far given that it's totally something he could say in an episode of Futurama.

And that's pretty much all I have to say. I don't know when I'll be motivated enough to read the next chapter, especially given how long it took me to finally read this one. We'll see.
8/17/2022 c58 68Sovereign64
The battle continues. Man, Kira is absolutely amazing, being able to wipe out so many enemies including MachineDramon, Strika and the Sound Four with a single massive blast of energy! And I'm surprised to see Kaname Tosen making a cameo in this chapter. I hope he is on the side of good and not being one of the badguys or else our heroes have another problem to deal with.

Anyways, Xehamaru really shows just how powerful he truly is, though I do admire his sense of humor, taunting his enemies as he fights with them. I'm happy to see Lacus showing up in time to save Ben from certain doom, and surprisingly Brad shows up too to help him, though not in the conventional way. Still, I would like to see how Brad stacks up against Xehamaru. He may be stronger than Ben, but can he handle against the main antagonist? Great chapter.
7/31/2022 c57 Sovereign64
That was one action-packed chapter. With the arrival of the X-Men, let's hope Gerard can finally take down Magneto in the next chapter. Also, although Raxven escaped to fight another day, I appreciate Brad showing up in time to help Myers, Celes and the others. And it's nice to see Lacus able to handle on her own against Rubicant. And at long last, Ben and Xehamaru faced each other one on one. Ben may have been able to handle Brad and Ezan on his own the last time, but Xehamaru feels like a whole new level compare to those two. I really hope Ben does not get himself killed fighting against him. Overall, great chapter!
7/30/2022 c56 Sovereign64
Nice to see the heroes able to take out the Final Fantasy monsters. I hope Axl is alright. As for Ben, nice to see him being able to handle Tabuu, Master Hand and Crazy Hand on his own, and I laugh when Crazy Hand gave him the finger. XD

And holy cow, Xehamaru revealed his ultimate plan. To revive Chaos Zannacross Necron! Now I see where your name comes from.

Anyways, Ben better be prepared for the ultimate fight of his life.
7/29/2022 c55 Sovereign64
Man, that was a shocking revelation. It definitely feels hard for Ezan, realizing that Garma is not his biological father and his real father is one of the antagonists of this story. I can see why the music you recommended to me fits perfectly for this chapter. It causes Ezan to finally give into his rage and revive Sephiroth! And man, as much as Lexaeus was a prick in this chapter, the way he went out by Sephiroth is extremely brutal, and really shows how much of a threat he still is.

And just when things cannot get any worse, although Tifa and Aeris survive the fight against Xigbar and Xaldin thanks to the timely arrival of Reid, Sabin and Irvine, they now have to deal with an enraged Sigma. They just can't catch a breather.

And it looks like Xehamaru is finally going to show Ben and Squad 7 just how powerful he truly is. Onto the next chapter!
7/19/2022 c54 Sovereign64
And the battle continues...

Unfortunately, Squad 7's mission to rescue King Atem got interrupted by Magneto. But luckily Gerard shows up in time to help them defeat Magneto, but I got a feeling this will not be the last we see of the master of magnetism.

I thought Yamamoto was done for by the hands of Genesis and Nightmare, but luckily, he manage to fool these two arrogant fighters. I can only hope Yamamoto can take both of them down.

I'm glad thanks to Sonic's genius idea, he not only helped Link and Zelda defeat Ganondorf, but also outsmart both him and Robotnik. That was very smart of Sonic as always. :D But seeing there is no body, I believe we won't see the last of Ganondorf either.

And finally, that was an awesome battle between the heroes and Sigma and Vile. I'm glad Ben and Squad 7 show up in time to help Zero, X, Samus and Axl to defeat both villains, and they finally arrive on the hangar of the Invisible Hand. And nice to see Paildramon digivolve into Imperialdramon. I'm a fan of that mega-level digimon. :D Also, I'm glad Setsuna F. Seiei stayed alive unlike the Archangel crew.

Looking forward to see what else the battle has in store for our heroes. And hopefully Ezan does not go over the edge...
7/16/2022 c53 Sovereign64
Blast. It seems Xehanaru has gotten away with King Atem. But luckily, Optimus Prime has shown up to aid Squad 7. And judging by his ability to combine with Ultra Magnus and turn into Omega Prime, this is the 2001 Robots in Disguise version of Optimus Prime, which is actually the first Transformers cartoon I was exposed to, so nice choice! :D

Anyways, it's nice to see two of my childhood heroes, Cloud Strife and Optimus Prime teaming up together. And although the fight with Exodia proved to be tough, I'm glad the combined powers of Ben, Geno-Wyrmmon, Cloud and Omega Prime are able to break its cursed seal made by Xehanaru.

I really hope Aeris, Tifa, Ferya and Tear will be able to defeat Xalden and Xigbar. And dear lord, Raxven's destruction on Neo Arcadia is worst than I thought, destroying buildings and killing every civilian in his path. I can only hope the destruction will be brought to an end soon or Neo Arcadia will be reduced into nothing but rubble.

Nice to see some action from Lacus and her team too in this chapter and I hope Squad 7 and Omega Prime will be able to infiltrate the Invisible Hand to rescue King Atem. And I'm not gonna lie, my heart broke when I read Muu and the entire crew of the Archangel getting obliterated. It really felt like a What If scenario if Muu's sacrifice was completely in vain...

Anyways, I hope Ben and Prime won't share the same fate as the Archangel. Great work on this chapter!
7/15/2022 c52 Sovereign64
That is one epic battle. Nice to see Tartarus makes a cameo in this chapter. And Brad certainly took him down both easily and brutally than you could in the actual Halo 2. XD

Megaman, Zero and Axl certainly have some trouble dealing with Vile and Sigma, but luckily, Samus shows up to help them up. The team-up between Megaman and Samus is genius by the way. :)

It's good that Link, Sonic and Kirby are able to help Atem escape from Ganondorf. And yikes, I thought Mario has finally met his end at the hands of Bowser, but fortunately, and I hate to admit it, Brad shows up in time to save the plumber and defeat Bowser by throwing him into the air as if he was a ragdoll.

Unfortunately, Mahado and Shimon are on the verge of death by the hands of Xehamaru, causing Atem to have no choice but to surrender himself to him. I hope in the next chapter, Ben and the rest of Squad 7 can save the king from the villains. Great work on this chapter! A great way to start off this epic climax.
7/5/2022 c51 Sovereign64
Nice chapter. And so the invasion of Coruscant-I mean Corenira has begun. It sure is nice to see so many of our childhood characters such as Cloud, Mario, Link, Sonic, Peach, Zelda and King Dedede coming together and sitting in the same meeting room at last. Also, when you introduce Siegel Clyne, I have to keep reminding myself that he is NOT the father of this story's Lacus. Lol. XD Anyways, what a twist as it turns out one of the people in the meeting room is actually Xehamaru in disguise! I understand why you chose King Mickey as his disguise but I do not wish to go further into detail with that. XD Anyways, just when we thought our heroes and Myers finally took out Xehamaru, turns out it was just a phantom, and that the real villain is actually up in space and beginning his invasion of the capital planet. I smell an epic Star Wars-style space battle coming up in the next chapter. Keep up the good work!
6/25/2022 c50 Sovereign64
There was an intense fight that really shows how far Ben Auro have come. I was a little worried that Sephiroth will have full control of Ezan's body, but I'm glad and amazed that he could fight him off. And although the fight ended in the tie, it was satisfying to see Brad getting pissed off at how much Ben progressed as an Enji Knight. Looks like the next chapter/arc will finally bring us back to the battle at the beginning of the story. I can't wait.
6/12/2022 c49 Sovereign64
I really love Aeris's reunions with Marlene and Elmyra. It really helps bring closure to a part of Cloud's life that had brought him pain and misery for not being able to protect her before. Hopefully, Cetra will be on the road to recovery now that it has been liberated from Xehamaru and his forces.

Speaking of Xehamaru, man, I feel sorry for Dr. Neo Cortex being mercilessly dragged away to his terrible fate by Xehanaru. And it looks like he cannot get Ben Auro out of his head after his last encounter with him. Next time, he is out for his blood...

And nice to see Ben and his friends defeating Team Jerid. And it looks like Ben will finally be facing Ezan in the next chapter. But I can already tell something bad is going to happen, especially since Sephiroth is now living inside Ezan's body...

Great chapter!
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